Bob Wade Revamps First Public Sculpture – in Waco!

by Bill Davenport April 19, 2015
Wade in Waco photo: Waco Tribune staff photo by Jerry Larson

Wade in Waco photo: Waco Tribune staff photo by Jerry Larson

Bob Wade, 72-year-old icon of roadside kitsch was in Waco earlier this month, and stopped to refurbish Funny Farm Family, his first large scale piece of public art, reports the Waco Tribune.

Trib reporter Carl Hoover interviewed him about the old days, when students helped haul and painted the hunks of scrap metal for not-so-easy A’s in Wade’s classes at McLennan Community College, before he moved to Austin, took the nickname Daddy-O, or ever thought of placing a giant igiuana atop a Fifth Avenue bar in Manhattan.

All this reminiscing has been stirred up by a documentary film, Flight of the Iguana, in the works about Wade and his populist marvels.

1 comment

1 comment

Dan O'Hara April 22, 2015 - 12:56

With the recent death of Betty Whitehead Willis ( welcome to “Fabulous Las Vegas” ) Daddy-O has moved up a notch on the imaginary “Living Artists List” who have created world known roadside icons. There is a daily parade of people of this world, snapping pictures of Bob Wades “Cowboy Boots” here in San Antonio. Congratulations on getting “Funny Farm Family” restored to its original splendor. DOH


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