Summer Laundry List

by Eric Zimmerman July 26, 2011

Its time to pour yourself a cocktail, slather on some sunscreen, and break out that worn copy of Valley Of The Dolls. The art world, having lovingly adopted the academic calendar, is on holiday. Jet-setters have embarked to Venice or The Hamptons, galleries are hanging the obligatory group exhibitions, and the steady drumbeat of events and exhibitions has mercifully slowed to a manageable pace. While there are no gondolas in my future, I have taken a small hiatus from doing the art world shuffle to work and enjoy the sedated speed, however temporary. Here’s to the dog days, and the hodgepodge of events, books, and travel, that they’re made of.

  • The MFA program at Bard. When it comes to grad school this programs structure has it right. Rigorous, an emphasis on practice, a stellar faculty that rotates,  great visiting artists, and all disciplines (painting,  photo, sculpture, film/video, music/sound, writing) participate in critiques, events, and lectures as a single group. For a second I thought I needed a second masters, quickly though, I came to my senses.
  • I don’t care if you’ve heard enough about Judd and the 60’s squad to want to bludgeon yourself into a stupor on a concrete polygon, Dia:Beacon never fails to surprise and provoke moments of awe.
  • I’ve got arts publications on the brain. Here are a few that seem worth your time. 1. Peep-Hole  2. Fillip  3. Temporary Art Review 4. Pastelegram 5. East of Borneo
  • Public art on the High Line. Not only do you get to walk through this stellar park, but you can see and hear pieces by Sarah Sze, Spencer Finch, and Stephen Vitiello, amongst others. Hopefully this represents a viable alternative to the stodgy old sculpture park.
  • Matt Taibbi’s Griftopia. Since I sold my copy of Valley Of The Dolls before leaving Texas, I’m going with this as summer reading. Plus the second part of the title, Bubble Machines, Vampire Squids, and the Long Con That Is Breaking America, was just to good to pass up. (That and there’s a whole chapter devoted to Alan Greenspan entitled, “The Biggest Asshole In The Universe,” need I say more?)
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