Austin art implosions

by Bill Davenport April 13, 2011

Jeanne-Claire Van Ryzin reports on the series of mis-steps at Arthouse, Austin’s latest imploding art venue. Censoring Michelle Handelman, pimping Graham Hudson’s Rehearsal at the Astoria to Warner Music, now axing its curatorial staff! Longtime Arthouse staffer Jenn Gardner resigned Monday in protest over the curatorial axe saying,“I strongly disagreed with the concept of Arthouse existing without a full-time curator.” In February, the Austin Museum of Art gave the boot to Dana Friis-Hansen, gave up its expansion plans, and will soon remove itself entirely from downtown. Soon all that will be left is the trimmed-back, city-approved version of the Cathedral of Junk!


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Taylor Browning April 13, 2011 - 18:51

I know that the Austin art scene is not near what it has the potential to be, but I do feel that the media is presenting a much more dismal picture than actually exists. I recently had a conversation with an employee of the Austin Museum of Art who acknowledged the public concern for the decision to leave their current downtown location, but also emphasized that many crucial details were left out of the discussion–such as the fact that AMOA is currently looking to purchase an alternative and more permanent downtown location. This is a pretty huge point to overlook, which makes me wonder what kinds of behind-the-scences elements we are unaware of in regards to Arthouse’s current situation.

Another thing to keep in mind: oftentimes change is a good thing.

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