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Fort Guerin: Old West Yarns

A show of works by West Virginia artist Fort Guerin. The pieces in the show are inspired by western comic books, movies, dime novels, and the...

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Jad & David Fair

An exhibition featuring Jad Fair’s cutout paintings of album covers and David Fair’s ghost paintings.

Deborah Baker: Modern Samplers

A show of hand-stitched, narrative, semi-autobiographical artworks by Chicago artist Deborah Baker.

Harry Underwood

An exhibition of works by self-taught Nashville-based artist Harry Underwood.

Jorge Alderete

An exhibition of works by Argentinian artist Jorge Alderete.

Bob Schneider: Heroes

New mixed-media collages and prints from Austin-based artist and musician Bob Schneider.

Jim Sherraden: Personal Woodcuts

Jim Sherraden has been at Nashville’s famed Hatch Show Print for many years–first as director and now as master printer. This show comprises personal works...

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Andrea Heimer: Folk & Dagger

Andrea Joyce Heimer is a self-taught painter known for her exploration of the suburban experience, drawing inspiration from her childhood home in 1980s Montana. Part...

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Jon Langford: Boneheads

Chicago/Welsh artist Jon Langford has been stirring things up since his art school days at Leeds University, where in 1977 he co-founded the art collective/punk...

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Mike Egan: Death Came To Texas

New paintings of skeletons and devils from the Pittsburgh-based artist and former undertaker. Egan has a good Tumblr account.

Kurt Herrmann: Blockheads

 Herrmann is a painter from Pennsylvania who does both figurative and abstract work, all in a unique folky style that’s full of humor and intelligence. 

Jon Langford: Don't Talk So Haunted

Welsh-Chicagoan Jon Langford is best known for his portraits of country & rock music icons including Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, and Elvis Presley.  

Fran Holland: Painting Numbers

Fran Holland, who lives in Oakland, CA, is an electrician, musician, inventor tinkerer who has a deep and compelling interest in mathematics.  

Scott Griffin: Shipwreck

Scott Griffin creates paintings from his personal experiences growing up in a family of bush pilots on a farm on Canada’s Scugog Island. As a...

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Ryan E Cronin: A Colorful Language

Cronin is heavily influenced by pop culture. The bright colors and sounds of punk rock, skateboarding, MTV, graffiti and the youthful, push-it-to-the-limit attitude of his...

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Kurt Herrmann: Blockheads

Folky portraits of presidents, popular figures, magazine models, and more on wooden blocks.

Deborah Baker: What's Your Sign?

Chicago stitcher extraordinaire Deborah Baker draws pictures with cotton thread on linen. What’s Your Sign? features her take on all 12 signs of the zodiac.

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