UTSA Terminal 136

UTSA Terminal 136

136 Blue Star St.

San Antonio, TX 78204


Houston Fryer: v e r s u s

UTSA Terminal 136

March 1 - 17, 2018

v e r s u s is an installation of paintings, props, green screen technology, and interactive digital projections by Houston Fryer. Fryer's works explore the violence of visual systems.


Jonathan McFadden: Doesn’t Have a Clue

“Jonathan McFadden’s print and installation work interacts with, interprets, and processes fragments of personal narratives of the people we have loose associations with while finding...

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CUFT: The Small Works of Machine

A small-works show featuring pieces that embody the shared experience of members of the artist collective MACHINE (Christine Adame, Mahya Davachi, Ali Feeney, Addi Ginsberg, Holly...

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John Chatmas: High Noon

“John Chatmas’ exhibition, High Noon, is full of ambiguities that could be viewed as one step up from an inkblot. Fascinated by the relationship between...

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Ana Lopez: Industrial Arts

“In her new exhibition, Industrial Arts, Ana Lopez utilizes disparate forms of metalworking to address a variety of relationships within the spectrums of the contemporary...

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Glenn Downing: Pulltight, Texas

“Glenn Downing’s exhibition, Pulltight, Texas, is composed of an antithetical assortment materials and memories that make up a place inside the artist.”

Lisa and Thomas Choinacky: Equilibria

From the gallery: “Siblings, Lisa and Thomas Choinacky meld their current work practice in Equilibria, a reflective and meditational space in which lines diverge and...

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Faculty Selects

An exhibition featuring work by 18 artists who teach at UTSA. Artists include: Richard Armendariz, Christie Blizard, Gregory Elliott, Ovidio Giberga, Buster Graybill, Jayne Lawrence, Ken...

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Things We Used To Know

An exhibition that came about as the result of the similarities of five artists’ practices. Featuring works by Ariel Lavery, Christopher M. Lavery, Matthew Weedman, Jason...

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A show of works by UTSA MFA candidate Jason Gonzales.

Ronald Lambert: Borrowed Air

“Working mainly in video and sculpture, Lambert investigates the intersection between psychology and the environment. He draws inspiration from places not yet desirable for redevelopment,...

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Braydon Gold: Self-Disclosure

A MFA thesis exhibition by UTSA MFA candidate Braydon Gold. The sculptures in the show “symbolize moments of growth and emotional maturation.”

Melinda Laszczynski: Party Tricks

An exhibition of sculptures and paintings by Houston-based artist Melinda Laszczynski. The works in the show use nontraditional materials and layers of paint to provide a sense...

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Pageant Wounds & Accessories of Modern Men

An MFA thesis exhibition by Kallie Pfeiffer and Justin Korver. While Pfeiffer’s surrealist works in Pageant Wounds explore the conscious bond between viewer and artwork, Korver’s Accessories of Modern Men...

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Sarah Fox: Surrogate

“Surrogate is at it’s core a meditation on loss and an attempt to communicate absence. The work references and takes meaning from the history animals...

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Alyssa Danna: How Handsomely You Dwell

An exhibition of assemblages that contain thrifted objects, paint, and glitter. The artist on her work: “I strive to beautify in a subversively complex way; paralleling...

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Performance Contained: The Camera as Audience

An exhibition of images that infer time-based events. Artists in the exhibition include Jay Gould, Jaime E. Johnson, John William Keedy, Heather Stratton, and Melanie Walker.

Wanrudee Buranakorn: Re-enactment

An exhibition featuring a series of photogrpahs by Wanrudee Buranakorn expressing narratives of fictionalized self-representation.

Roberto Celis: I Like Chairs

An exhibition of structural forms by artist Roberto Celis, drawing on his training as a furniture maker/designer and passion for chairs as an analogue for...

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Trent Hebert / Jenna Wright

Two MFA thesis exhibitions. Jenna Wright’s “Surface Trending” critiques and questions the sociological home, while Trent Hebert’s “Beneath the Flowers” explores decorative surfaces, the male...

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Andrei Renteria: Vigil

An exhibition of artist Andrei Renteria’s recent sculptures, lithographs, and paintings investigating immigrants’ plights and cultural marginalization.

Runnin' Down The Road

A group show featuring work by UTSA MFA Alumnae Nate Cassie, Jasmyne Graybill, Mark Thomas Hansen, Mira Hnatyshyn, Mark Hogensen, Jayne Lawrence, Leigh Ann Lester,...

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