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The Real Show

Old Jail Art Center

June 6 - September 6, 2015

A group exhibition exploring unique depicted realities beyond “realistic” rendering. Includes works by Seth Alverson, Daniel Blagg, Dennis Blagg, Julie Bozzi, Jason Cytacki, Ann Ekstrom, Patrick Faulhaber, Pat Gabriel, Marshall K. Harris, John Hartley, Kirk Hayes, Rachel Hecker, Tim Liddy, Kim Cadmus Owens, Ryder Richards, Erick Swenson, and Sarah Williams.


Student Art Show: Talking Back

5-12th grade artists were invited to submit artworks that “talk back” to one of five works in the museum collection and exhibitions. Thee winning pieces […]

The Spiritual Image

A fantastically wide-ranging selection of paintings, sculptures, drawings, and objects from the Old Jail Art Center’s collection that reference, elicit, or are inspired by spiritual […]

Natasha Bowdoin: HEX∆M

Intricately layered collages by artist Natasha Bowdoin, taking some inspiration from the initials HEX∆M carved into the limestone blocks that form the OJAC’s 1877 jail. […]

Camp Bosworth: El Otro Lado

Marfa-based Camp Bosworth makes elaborate, gold-and-silver-leafed carved wooden objects that explore issues of violence, culture, and industry (legal and illegal) along the Mexican border.

Ken Little: The West Texas Triangle Series

The great San Antonio performance artist, songwriter, musician and sculptor Ken Little is the selected artist for the 2014 West Texas Triangle exhibition.

Allison V. Smith: Going West

Carefully edited views of the familiar, this time in far West Texas, courtesy of Dallas-based photographer Allison V. Smith.

Magee and Color: the Works of James Magee

From James Magee, the man behind the iconoclastic The Hill in far West Texas, come discreet minimalist objects made of different colored scraps of car […]

Slow Art Day

The OJC will join hundreds of museums around the world to help local communities experience art in new ways. Jr. Docents will encourage visitors to slow […]

Drawn In / Drawn Out

OJAC’s Curator of Exhibitions, Patrick Kelly, and The Grace Museum’s Curator, Judy Deaton, have teamed up to curate a drawing exhibition simultaneously hosted by both […]

Anthony Sonnenberg: Time after Time after Time

In Anthony Sonnenberg’s work, he uses Baroque approaches to make objects such as encrusted taxidermy animals using detailed ornamentation like pearls, crystal, and gold leaf. […]

Lucien Abrams: An Impressionist from Texas

This exhibition, drawn from both public and private collections, examines Lucien Abrams’s contribution to Texas Impressionism, as well as his links to the American and […]

Brad Tucker: Cell Series

  Austin-based Brad Tucker is an artist, musician, skateboarder, and teacher. He casually combines aspects of these varied disciplines to create work that is both […]

Contemporary Texas Art from the Barrett Collection

A selection of artworks featuring prominent Texas artists including David Bates, Bill Haveron, Jim Woodson, Robert McAn, Joseph Havel, Bill Komodore, Michael Miller, Helen Altman, […]

Gene Owens: Modern Vision

During the mid-twentieth century there were just a handful of artists exploring Modernist approaches to making sculpture in in North Texas. One of those pioneers […]

Cell Series: Carol Benson

In Carol Benson’s paintings the house, bowl and cocoon forms symbolize containment, security and fortitude, but the artist allows for various interpretations of the works.

Catherine Lee: West Texas Triangle

The West Texas Triangle, an alliance of five art museums, presents the works of prolific sculptor Catherine Lee. Born and mostly raised in Pampa Texas, […]

Bill Davenport: Old Junk Art Center

High art, low craft, and bargains galore as Bill Davenport’s mid-career retrospective appropriates the cells of the Old Jail Art Center as a working junk […]

The Reclusive Image: Works from Texas Museums

Objects rarely, or never, seen by the general public emerge from the inner vaults of Texas institutions. Accompanying each work is a short description explaining […]

Evaline Sellors

A new exhibit focused on the life and work of artist Evaline Sellors, a member of the Fort Worth Circle of artists, featuring original sketches […]

Face Time

Portraits from the collection, from the 17th century to the present, including many of well-known Albany citizens.

Eric Zimmerman: Sixteen Tons

Minutely rendered graphite drawings of images appropriated from magazines, books and other print media are juxtaposed with sound tracks.

West Texas Triangle: Tobolowsky

A region-wide exhibition of works by Dallas lawyer-turned-junk-sculptor George Tobolowsky blankets the  West Texas Triangle of Museums this summer: the Ellen Noel Art Museum in […]

Will Henry: Desert Solitaire

Will Henry re-contextualizes selections from his 2009 Devin Borden/Hiram Butler show in Houston at the Old Jail Art Center. Signs, stars, and little fires punctuate […]

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