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David Lindsay: Hocus Pocus

Lubbock painter David Lindsay’s large scale shaped oil on canvas works in which architecture shoulders symbolic weight.

Alyson Souza: Extraneous Objectives

Souza employs thickly applied paint to create realistically rendered, though surrealistically spirited images positioned inside custom-made boxes and paintings on wood panels.

Alice Leora Briggs: Abecedario

Briggs takes an unabashed look at the terror of Juarez, Mexico-a site under siege by rampant gang and drug related violence. Using a 13th c. […]

Kelly Alison: Tweet

Whether it’s “Too Big Has Failed,” the fires raging across Texas, the Arab Spring, the Libyan revolution or the nuclear melt down in  Japan, for […]

Kenn Coplan: Ultimate Kenn

Artist and  fromer MTV director Ken Coplan presents his far out world of inventions, kinetic sculpture, photography, and found objects for his first solo exhibition […]

Paul Kittelson: Mirror - Mirror

Paul Kittelson mixes the familiar with the fantastic, using glass, mirrors and contact paper to alter our perception of reality, ask existential questions on beauty […]

Marzia Faggin: Fragile

Opens Saturday, September 10, 6–9 pm Marzia Faggin presents us with a rainbow of addictions from the apothecary to the candy store: the artist  painstakingly […]

Sandra York: Trueorfalse

York’s atmospheric semi-abstractions come out of a generation of Houston’s painting influenced by Chuck Dugan, Derek Bosier, and John Alexander teaching at the Lawdale Art […]

Hagit Barkai: Resistance

Painterly figuration based on Barkai’s personal history. Vulnerable people in small, dark rooms, some with erased faces and features. Competent, creepy, sentimental.

Ann Harithas: Urban Frontiers

Texas art patron, co-founder of the Art Car Museum along with Jim Harithas, and artist Ann Harithas takes over Naus-Haus Gallery with her new series […]

Kelly Moran: American Dreamer

Kelly Moran exhibits inkjet, collage and lino cut prints in the exhibition American Dreamer. Moran uses found and altered vintage, cartoon-like images, mostly of male […]

Chris Hedrick: Hand Made

In his exhibition Hand Made at Nauhaus, Chris Hedrick creates fanciful illusions through his wood sculptures that replicate objects.

Carter Ernst - Joe Barrington: Camp Town Dada

Carter Ernst and Joe Barrington take the stage at Nau-haus for the exhibition Camp Town Dada. Barrington installs Hunting Camp, a painted fabricated metal and […]

Negativland: Our Favorite Things

Negativland has been creating records, CDs, video, fine art, books, radio and live performance using appropriated sound, image and text since the 1980s. For the […]

Hans Molzberger: Pleasure Island

Nau-haus opens with a new exhibition of work by Hans Molzberger. While working with assemblages and objects in Raku ceramics, Molzberger has recently been working […]

Summer Swim

Take a dip into Summer Swim, Nau-haus’s summer exhibition with work by Ellen Orseck, Perry House, Rosi Schwartzman, and other associated artists!

Alyson Souza: Oddly Content

Oddly Content marks LA artist, Alyson Souza’s first exhibition at Nau-haus. The three-dimensional works in oil and wood relief created by Souza are complex and […]

Marci Crawford Harnden: Inner Journeys

Marci Crawford Harnden returns to Houston for her exhibition Inner Journeys at Nau-haus. Harnden lived in Houston in the 80s and exhibited at DiverseWorks, The […]


District18 features Houston artists Kelly Alison, Yousef Balat, Lydia Bodnar-Balahurak, Penny Cerling, Noah Edmundson, Carter Ernst, Chris Hedrick, Pam Horsman, Sharon Kopriva, Kelly Moran, Gail […]

Perry House: Happyville

House’s latest feature candy-colored neighborhoods with a hint of the apocalyptic about them.

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