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Becky Soria: Woman and Her Symbols

Jung Center

May 3 - 31, 2016

An exhibition by Becky Soria. Inspired by Patheolithic iconography and biological sciences, Woman and Her Symbols explores the intense emotions of love, despair, ecstasy, and other peak experiences.


Clay: Body, Mind, and Soul

A juried exhibition of clay works created by ceramicists working in the American Southwest.

Anne Jensen: Color and Light

An exhibition of paintings by Anne Jensen. Her works aim to be “poetic and spiritual” while still communicating personal expression.

Paula J. Haymond: Color and Chatoyance

An exhibition in which Haymond “focus on exposing the chatoyance – the tiger eye reflective glint in highly finished wood and brass.”

Dreams and the Creative Process

Psychotherapist Anna Guerra will discuss the ideas of Carl Jung and lead an Active Imagination exercise. Co-presented with Diverseworks.

HSPVA Juried Exhibit

A juried show of young artists from the High School for Performing and Visual Arts (HSPVA).

In Dreams, Visions

An exhibition curated by Pete Gershon showcasing paintings, drawings, and sculptures by Houston and Texas gulf coast artists–most of them self-taught–which take inspiration from the...

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Salon des Refuses

A group exhibition at the Jung Center featuring work by artists Keith J.R. Hollingsworth, Janet Hull Ruffin, Valentina Kisseleva, and Charisse Weston. (*Not to be...

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Barbara Jackson: Interconnections

Houston artist Barbara Jackson uses high-tech interference paint (which changes color depending on the angle viewed) to create abstractions that explore transitory relationships of light,...

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Russell Prince: Best Laid Plans

Prince’s collages explore the effects of time and change on our environments and the battle between modernity and nostalgia.

Earl Staley: Reconstructions

Local legend Staley has reconfigured his own paintings of Greco-Roman mythology from 30 years ago by cutting the work into strips, repainting each with strokes...

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Stephanie Reid: Hidden Places

In her exhibition, Hidden Places, Austin artist Stephanie Reid, uses photomontage to present her daydreams of Asia. Design, woodblock printing, and bamboo brush painting influence...

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Bob Russell: Subduction Zones

Houston artist Bob Russell uses mixed media to create works based on the relationship between man and earth.

Call and Response

Having received specific photographs by a single documentarian, five artists respond to the images to create the work for this exhibition. Viewers will experience both...

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