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In Dreams, Visions

Jung Center

May 5 - June 9, 2015

An exhibition curated by Pete Gershon showcasing paintings, drawings, and sculptures by Houston and Texas gulf coast artists–most of them self-taught–which take inspiration from the artists’ dreams.


Gary Bachers: Silent Conversations

A retrospective of intricately colored pencil drawings by Gary Bachers, who lost the ability to use words following a brain aneurism at age 38 but […]

Salon des Refuses

A group exhibition at the Jung Center featuring work by artists Keith J.R. Hollingsworth, Janet Hull Ruffin, Valentina Kisseleva, and Charisse Weston. (*Not to be […]

Barbara Jackson: Interconnections

Houston artist Barbara Jackson uses high-tech interference paint (which changes color depending on the angle viewed) to create abstractions that explore transitory relationships of light, […]

Russell Prince: Best Laid Plans

Prince’s collages explore the effects of time and change on our environments and the battle between modernity and nostalgia.

Earl Staley: Reconstructions

Local legend Staley has reconfigured his own paintings of Greco-Roman mythology from 30 years ago by cutting the work into strips, repainting each with strokes […]

Stephanie Reid: Hidden Places

In her exhibition, Hidden Places, Austin artist Stephanie Reid, uses photomontage to present her daydreams of Asia. Design, woodblock printing, and bamboo brush painting influence […]

Bob Russell: Subduction Zones

Houston artist Bob Russell uses mixed media to create works based on the relationship between man and earth.

Call and Response

Having received specific photographs by a single documentarian, five artists respond to the images to create the work for this exhibition. Viewers will experience both […]

David Brauer: Prints from a Collection

Prints from the collection of art historian David Brauer highlighting the explosion of printmaking with the emergent Pop Art moments in Britain in the early […]

Le Quattro "Elements"

“4 unique artists with 4 differing perspectives. This strong contemporary group create stylish work which exudes personality and emotion.”

F/16 Collective: Unblocked

a.k.a. the 2012 UH Photography and Digital Media senior thesis exhibition. Curated by Mary Magsamen. Featuring works by Paolo Aninag, Michael Burgas, Brittney Connelly, Danielle […]

Kathryn Rabinow: Seeing with the Soul

Houston artist Kathryn Rabinow, using her camera and computer, creates large abstract images which reveal the essence and unexpected beauty of everyday objects.

Occurrences: Tom Barnes

Tom Barnes lives and works in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and Marfa, Texas.  His paintings are about occurrence and are themselves occurrences, both ordinary and extraordinary. The […]

The Dance of Life

An exhibit of works by James Surls and Charmaine Locke. “During our time together, beginning in 1976, we have danced over, under, and through grand […]