Jen Mauldin Gallery

Jen Mauldin Gallery


408 N. Bishop Blvd., Suite 103

Dallas, Texas 75208


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Ann Chisholm: Image As Language

An exhibition of works by Ann Chisholm. The pieces in the show are inspired by communication and numerology.

Erin McAllister: Full Circle

An exhibition of works by artist Erin McAllister. The pieces in the show explore what brings the artist value and happiness in her life.

Courtney Miles: Courtney: Love

An exhibition of new works by Courtney Miles. The pieces are meant to capture “the look of a person thinking about someone they love.”

Caroline Oliver: Rainbow Roads

An exhibition of works by artist Caroline Oliver. The pieces in the exhibition explore “the notion of longing for something more.”

Courtney Nicole: Spin

An exhibition featuring works by artist Courtney Nicole. The pieces in the show are based on the artist’s “subconscious response to life’s unexpected moments – the...

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At the Circus

A show of works by Hobbes Vincent.

Kelly Clemons: Fire and Peace

A show of works by Dallas-based artist Kelly Clemons. The show consists of mixed-media installations that explore the artist’s sense of anger and self-preservation.


A show of works by Danny Rose and Haylee Ryan

Bang Dang: Technique

A show of works by Bang Dang. An architect by day, Dang is a self-taught artist.

Courtney Miles: #CourtneyForever

A show of works by Dallas artist Courtney Miles. The works in the exhibition explore how we see ourselves through the lens of “society’s obsessive...

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Shoby Modjarrad: 1 Day, Series II

A show of works by Shoby Modjarrad. The pieces in the exhibition are based on Modjarrad’s drawings of objects we encounter in our daily lives.

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