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The Winners Circle

Haley-Henman Gallery

December 2 - January 2, 2016

An exhibition featuring works by 2015 juried show winners Pouran Borders, Gisa Elwazir, Angelia Ford, Cindy J. Holmes, Brenda McKinney, Jill Nonnemacher, Jerry E. Smith, and Joshua West.


Cindy Holmes: The Subliminal Cliché

An exhibition of new paintings by Cindy Holmes. Focusing on the concept of the cliché, the paintings within the show are comprised of “symbolic contexts, figurative distortions,...

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Retrospective, Yemen 1986-1993

An exhibition of works by artist Gisa Elwazir. These works were inspired by Elwazir’s life and time spent in Yemen.

Peonies en Transit

An exhibition of three-dimensional watercolors by LD Kingsley. By combining paper and metal surfaces, Kingsley captures oxidation of the metal within the paintings, emphasizing the fragility of the...

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Pouran Borders: Apocalypse

An exhibition of paintings and monoprints by Dallas-based artist Pouran Borders exploring industrial and urban landscapes on the verge of an apocalypse.


A movement theatre performance by Prism Movement Company with art installations curated by Haley-Henman Gallery exploring the creation of civilization in three stages:  darkness, light...

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Pierre Durand: Night On The Silk Road

Pierre Durand’s paintings on silk, installed in the form of a tent, convey an unfolding silk road journey spanning Asian and European cultures.

The Salon Show

Wrapable Christmas gifts! Haley-Henman has invited its artists to show small works installed in a salon manner; each artist will exhibit from five to seven...

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Heather Levy: Rocket Science

Heather Levy makes paintings based on mathematical formulas, in this case formulas specifically related to moving rockets around (the one pictured is titled Time T...

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Galatea collaborations

A presentation of ten art installations and collaborations with the Prism Movement Company’s performance of “Galatea.” Performances of “Galatea” are at  pm on April 11-13 and 17-19,...

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Five Photographers

Features the work by David Clanton, Lee Albert Hill, Alan Robertson, Brett Schneider, and Kitty Alice Snead.

Winter Palettes

Featuring works by Mark Lesser, Esther Ritz, and Elisabeth Schalij, and introducing gallery newcomers Midge Lynn and Carol Nace.

Anthony Bolton: Selling it Big

Sex sells. Sex is our modern world philosophy, stock and trade. Numerous new paintings delve into society’s decaying morals and values, how artistry and craftsmanship...

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Carol Barth: Light and Motion

The third exhibition by Ms. Barth at Haley-Henman this year features oil paintings with “brush stokes that evoke an intense energy for the freedom of...

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Haley-Henman now represents Carol Barth, James Haddock, Lee Hill, and Jack Warren as gallery artists who are featured in the group exhibition Introductions.

Favorites and Previews, Part 2

Haley-Henman continues the exhibition, Favorites and Previews, with Part 2. The twelve participating artists include Betsy Daves Bass, John Bramblitt, David Mitchell Dillard, Jerry Lee...

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Christopher Lee Martin: Megacities

Haley-Henman presents new works that use lenticular media in Megacities by Christopher Lee Martin. Works by Ken O’Toole and Matthew Chapman are also exhibited.

Esther Ritz and Jorge Misium

Haley-Henman Gallery presents an exhibition of paintings by Esther Ritz along with Jorge Misium’s inaugural exhibition at the gallery.

Summer Series 10

Summer Series 10 is a group exhibition featuring the work of Anthony Bolton, John Bramblitt, Dorothy Clarke, and Bob Johnson. This annual Summer Series exhibition...

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