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Terry Maker: Holy Fool

grayduck gallery

March 27 - May 3, 2015

An exhibition featuring artist Terry Maker’s latest sculptural works, which incorporate commonplace objects and reflect ideas of the human condition and the quest for redemption.


Jeremy Moss : Space Material / Immaterial Place

ERC presents a program of short films by Jeremy Moss, including his Super8 surrealist documentary Those Inescapable Slivers of Celluloid, hand-made abstract films, dance films […]

Luis Moro: Fragments of Paradise

Mixed media paintings focus on winged insects, arthropods, and the even smaller organisms that live within them.

Gracelee Lawrence: Mouthfeel

Lawrence presents drawings, sculptures and videos “where the theme of nourishment and its relationship to gender, sexuality and ritual is explored.”

MANN ON THE STREET: Videos by Andy Mann

Andy Mann (1947-2001) was a seminal video artist in the 1970s and 80s, known in particular for his wonderful street tapes shot in the then-rough […]

Fun Party August

The reading series organized by Dan Boehl and Cindy St. John continues. Readings start at 8 pm, featuring the writings of Dan Boehl, Katy Chrisler […]

Goodly/Wicked: The Crit Group 2014 Exhibition

The culminating exhibition of The Contemporary’s inaugural 2014, a six-month program that combines group critique with professional development to emerging artists in the Austin area. […]

Undetermined Matter

Works by Raul Gonzalez & Julon Pinkston that either use everyday materials such as bits of plastic, cardboard, and duct tape, or replicate those materials […]

Send Off

After three and a half years in South Austin, grayDUCK will be closing the door on its gallery space for a move to the Eastside. […]

The Singing Bone

This exhibition showcases three artists who use old world flavors and dark folk tales to tell a story. Acrylic paintings by Stephanie Chambers and mixed […]

Jason Webb: Bulk Collection

During the 2012 East Austin Studio Tour, Salvador Castillo brought back the 3rd annual “Eyes Got It!” competition, during which local arts professionals critiqued artists’ […]

grayDUCK 5K

Kaci Beeler, Kristin Hogan, Katy Horan, Katy O’Conner & Katie Rose Pipkin.

A Certain Reality

Exploring the spaces between reality and imagined perceptions where characters bear witness to an internal narrative of memories and relationships. This exhibition features three artists that […]

Future-Perfect-In-Past Tense

9 local and national artists from Grayduck’s past and future. Featuring Regina Allen, Adrian Landon Brooks, Cheryl Finfrock, D.C. Ice, Megan Kimber, Amy Kligman, Amy […]

Hollie Brown: Long Time to Forget

Winner of the 2nd annual “Eyes Got It!” competition, Brown constructs still lifes based on recorded stories told by her father, Garth Brown.

Memento Mori

The show will try to look at death as necessary companion and active agent in the pursuit of living well. Featuring works by Suzanne Koett, […]

True Story: Paul Beck, Allen Brewer & Pat Snow

True Story features paintings from visual artist, filmmaker and animator Paul Beck, drawings using typewriter carbon and found photography from Minneapolis artist Allen Brewer, and […]


Wapatui is Midwestern for “Trash Can Punch”, “Suicide Punch”, or “Hairy Buffalo”: a drink created by the community. Fifteen fabulous artists mix up a visual […]