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Sarah Amos / Karen Kunc / Koichi Yamamoto

Gallery Shoal Creek

January 16 - February 12, 2015

A diversity of printmaking techniques are showcased in this exhibition of work by artists Koichi Yamamoto, Karen Kunc, and Sarah Amos, held in conjunction with PrintAustin 2015.


Priscilla Hoback + Marianne McGrath

Hoback’s murals and sculpted fetishes, created from hand-dug clay and natural minerals, reference the ancients and are inspired by the cave drawings near Galisteo, NM. […]

Shawn Camp: Equal and Opposite

In his exploration of light and surfaces, Shawn Camp continues to present dualistic, cyclical relationships through translucent and reflective light and the application of geometry […]

Compound Interests

A group exhibition celebrating the artwork of eight members of the UT faculty who will be retiring in 2013: Thelma Coles, Tom Druecker, Mark Goodman, […]

Paper III

Five artists whose work incorporates printmaking, drawing, installation and sculptural works of hand-made paper. Including works by Marc Burckhardt, Melissa Jay Craig, Sandra C. Fernandez, […]

Leonard Lehrer

Lehrer grew up in Philadelphia’s Strawberry Mansion neighborhood. He has fond memories of his life there and says his first two true passions were art […]

Milt Kobayashi

Figurative painting by a former illustrator that distills the essence of a passing moment or a contemplative mood.

Shawn Camp: The Sum of All Parts

Camp explores the human need to create order from disorder. The marked landscape becomes a metaphor for this basic human need to create order from […]


ESTABLISHED PARAMETERS features an installation of large-scale paintings by Austin artist Shawn Camp. Camp draws from the landscape as seen from above in his highly […]

Milt Kobayashi

New figurative paintings by New York-based artist Milt Kobayashi. 


René Alvarado was recognized as a 2009 Texas State Artist by the Texas Commission on the Arts.

Jill Lear: Structure and Space

Shoal Creek presents powerful drawings and paintings based on tree trunks by New York-based artist Jill Lear, as well as series of abstract watercolors.


Paper features work by Melissa Jay Craig, Sandra Fernandez-Muñoz, Stephanie Hunder, Karen Kunc, and Jill Lear (shown).

Rene Alvarado

If you’re a fan of Alvarado‘s paintings be sure to mark your calendar for September 11, when a show of his work will open at […]