Flight Gallery

Flight Gallery



116 Blue Star

San Antonio, TX 78204


The 14 Secret Masters of The Universe

Flight Gallery

November 20 - December 24, 2015

An installation by artists Andre Stitt & James Cobb. Through a residency at Fl!GHT, the artists have researched across Texas, from the Rothko Chapel to the Judd Foundation.


Stuart Allen: Soap Bubbles and Glass

An exhibition of two new series of works by Stuart Allen. The pieces explore the distortion of looking through objects when “daylight is deconstructed and re-assembled.”

YES (the river knows)

A group exhibition to inaugurate Flight’s new space in the Blue Star Complex. Featuring: Alex Rubio, Andy Benavides, Ethel Shipton, Tommy Gregory, Vincent Valdez and many more.


What better way to celebrate the day FL!GHT entered the world eleven years ago than with a jam-packed, 59-person extravaganza.


Artists: Casey Arguelles Gregory, Lucas Johnson, Cathie Kayser, Kenny Lantz, Aaron Munoz, Kyle Olson, Gissett Padilla, Troy Stanley and Magda Boltz- Wilson Organized by:Techang

Gwynn Griffith: Shoe Sale

Inspiration from the closet: oil paintings of shoes for Griffith’s first solo show.

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