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Alejandro Diaz: Paintings

David Shelton Gallery

November 17 - December 23, 2017

Alejandro Diaz, originally from San Antonio but now a longtime resident of New York, has been known for his consummately clever art that was large, high production value, and often made by others. But in a statement for these new works, he explains that after his last show, he fell into a deep depression and returned to the craft of making small paintings in an effort to pull himself out of it. These works, widely different in style, were made by Diaz over the course of two years in his New York apartment, where he says he was able to recapture the "sheer joy of the act of painting."


Liver, Loner

A show organized by Keith J. Varadi and featuring works by Keith Boadwee & Club Paint, Jane Corrigan, Steve DiBenedetto, Peter Eide, Heather Guertin, Richard Allen...

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Jules Buck Jones: Hand Me My Head

A show of works by Austin artist Jules Buck Jones. “Through the use of aggressive mark making, dense patterns, saturated color and the use of collage,...

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Joey Fauerso: A Soft Opening

A show of works by Joey Fauerso. The pieces in the exhibition are inspired by current events along with Fauerso’s life and family.


An exhibition curated by Austin Eddy and Benjamin Edmiston and featuring works by: Samuel T. Adams (Brooklyn) Yevgeniya Baras (New York,) Michael Berryhill (Brooklyn) Samantha Bittmna...

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Jonathan Faber: Volume

An exhibition of works by Jonathan Faber. “Faber’s painting remain both descriptive and elusive, focusing on consciousness and how we create versions of what we want...

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Kelly O'Connor: Hypnotic Void

An exhibition of collage works by San Antonio-based artist Kelly O’Connor. The works in the show are a combination of memory, fantasy and fiction, commenting on...

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Rodrigo Valenzuela: Sin Héroes

An exhibition of works by Rodrigo Valenzuela. The pieces in the show attempt to reconsider the tradition of urban monuments, drawing on the artist’s experience of...

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Matthew Craven: Monuments

An exhibition of works by New York-based artist Mathew Craven. The artist uses historical imagery and geometric textile patterning to “create a surreal vernacular built...

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Jessica Halonen: The Blue Hour

An exhibition exploring the 18th century discovery of Prussian Blue, discovered by the artist during her residency in Berlin. “The title of Halonen’s exhibition, The...

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Tameka Norris: Sole Rights

An exhibition of works by Tameka Norris. Through video, performance, painting and sculpture, Norris attempts to “navigate the treacherous terrain surrounding women of color in today’s world.”

Cult of Personality

An exhibition of works by artists Devon Nowlin, Kelly O’Connor, and Bret Slater.

Liz Rodda: Impressions

Mixed media, sculpture, and video works by artist Liz Rodda playfully challenge social conventions and common definitions of beauty and femininity. Shake it off.

Michael Velliquette: Serpent Worship

Velliquette’s new series of dimensional cut paper constructions embrace their folkloric origins, but insist on a new spiritual vocabulary—one that combines aspects of 20th-century formalism with contemporary sensibilities...

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Special Madness

A curious group show (with Aaron Garber-Maikovska, Stanya Kahn, Chloe Seibert, Jesse Stecklow, and Ian Swanson), curated by Keith J. Varadi, who must have a...

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Rumpus Room

Shelton’s summer show looks fun: Sterling Allen, Mira Dancy, Mike Kelley & Michael Smith, Jonathan Ryan Storm and Ana Villagomez. The Mike Kelly/Mike Smith is...

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Parallel Myths

Summer show with Michael Bise, Joey Fauerso, Keith Mayerson, and Vincent Valdez.

James Smolleck: Sweat Bath with Saturn

Borrowing elements from classical mythology, numerology, occult science and sacred geometry, these collage works, drawings and paintings are parables about the practice of self-discovery.

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