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An exhibition of lyrical abstraction featuring artists Jennifer Wagner, Naomi Schlinke, Bob Russell, Tonya Lee, William Cokeley, Cora Cohen, Tuyet Ong-Barr.


An exhibition of figurative abstraction. Featuring works by Jeff Jennings, Kelly Moran, Bill Frazier, Deborah Bay, Perry House, Jesse Lott, Bob Russell, and Ann Harithas.

Tim Olson: Trading Places

The artist on his work: “I work mostly in small scale drawings and paintings with elements of collage, found objects, and language worked into them. I...

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Tim Olson: Trading Places

A show of new works by Tim Olson. Using different versions of narrative, the artist attempts to create “universal relationships in empathic tones, between friends and...

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Steve Davis: Armature

An exhibition of works constructed using found sand dollars. “The artist transforms his love of time-weathered stuff, and nature-weathered stuff from the beach, into art...

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Kelly Moran: Only Human

An exhibition of works by Kelly Moran. Combining urban mythology and pop culture, Moran uses older images to make the viewer realize that the messages found in...

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Tuyet Ong-Barr: Gathering

An exhibition of abstract works that are sourced from small pieces of reality. The paintings involve experiments with texture and layering to create space, while...

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Perry House: Enigmatic

An exhibition of work by Houston-based artist Perry House, including pieces from his Happyville and Helter Skelter series’ as well as pop-mystic imagery dating back...

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Jeff Jennings: New Works

A show of new work by Houston artist Jeff Jennings, who paints interacting man-made structures and natural environments.

Lindy Chambers

Artist Lindy Chambers’ paintings of working class homes use vibrant color to carry the images into the realm of the fantastic.

Bob Russell: Fault Lines

New, abstract works by artist Bob Russell, inspired by aerial satellite imagery.

Erika Pochybova Johnson: Voilà!

New abstract paintings by Czech-American artist Erika Pochybova Johnson blend contemporary aesthetics with European folk art influences.

Tim Olson: Intimate Knowledge

San Antonio artist Tim Olson’s tactile, mixed media collages and tempera pieces are inspired by paging through old books and handling objects.

Robert Briddick: Little Boxes

Briddick’s eye for aesthetics and sense of humor shine through in his ongoing collage practice.


We’ll have to wait to analyze the evidence, but there are some interesting suspects in this group exhibition: Rick Lowe, Jesse Lott, Tracy Hicks, Noah...

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“Giant print and drawings sale!”

Ann Harithas: Memory

Harithas offers a first hand account of her recovery from a brain trauma.  


A pop-up exhibition featuring the traditions of photography in printmaking.  

George O. Jackson de Llano

Jackson’s series of photographs and Calaveras Resplandecientes focus on crystal skulls.  

Ken Little

This year Little is the 2014 Texas 3D Artist of the Year as appointed by the State Legislature through the Texas Commission on the Arts....

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Kelly Moran

Moran offers a mixed bag of happy urban myth and late American pop culture .

Louviere + Vanessa

The New Orleans-based duo of Jeff Louviere and Vanessa Brown are photographers by means of their affection for the medium and their penchant for scientific...

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