Cris Worley Fine Arts

Cris Worley Fine Arts


1845 Levee Street, #110

Dallas, TX 75207


Massey Craddock: Lost Bay

Cris Worley Fine Arts

May 14 - June 18, 2016

An exhibition by Memphis-based artist Massey Craddock. Lost Bay explores themes of nostalgia through nature inspired imagery originating from the Alabama coastlands of Perdido Bay.


Timothy Harding: Skin

An exhibition of geometric paintings by Timothy Harding. The works in the show poke fun at their classification as “paintings” by having sculptural qualities.

Rusty Scruby: Firesticks

An exhibition of new works inspired by the artist’s recent move to a new studio and the death of a close friend. The work in...

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Celia Eberle: The Mythology of Love

An exhibition of works by Dallas-based artist Celia Eberle. The artist describes her practice as “inexorable” and “inevitable,” creating charged objects that are steeped in darker meaning...

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Harry Geffert: First Light

An exhibition of works drawn from Geffert’s interest in representing the natural world.

Robert Lansden: Metamorphosis

An exhibition of works on paper by artist Robert Lansden. His intricately patterned works are based on algorithms and “are explorations into the unknown.”

Just the Two of Us

A two-person exhibition featuring new work by Shannon Cannings & William Cannings. Shannon Cannings’ paintings express a decadent sense of nostalgia and hint at childhood violence, while William...

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Ruben Nieto: Décollage

An exhibition of artist Ruben Nieto’s newest series of pop abstractions, painted on the surface of translucent, perforated vinyl.

Paul Booker: Flow Through

An exhibition of work by artist Paul Booker, including a new series of watercolors and layered polyurethane, ink, and enamel paintings.

Studio Visit 1.2

Centering on the experience of artist studio visits, this group show includes work by Kristen Cliburn (Houston), Robert Lansden (New Orleans), Rusty Scruby (Dallas), Colette...

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Patti Oleon: Parallel Spaces

San Francisco-based Patti Oleon’s realist paintings marry the conceptual with an undeniable technical prowess.

Kelli Vance: Myth Maker

Worley’s first solo exhibition with Vance. She paints women in ambiguous situations.  

Adela Andea: Zero Degrees Celsius

Romanian-born Andea is known for her light installations. This exhibition came from Andea’s recent trip to Alaska.  

Harry Geffert: Studio Dreams

Studio Dreams examines Geffert’s obsession with the natural world through replications of delicate details in bronze. Some pieces are tree formations on pedestals while others...

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Charlotte Smith: Fall

Cris Worley Fine Arts presents new abstract paintings by Charlotte Smith. Smith’s process begins by layering drops of paint on canvas. Her layers build up...

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Rusty Scruby: He Sells Seashells

Cris Worley Fine Arts presents He Sells Seashells, a solo exhibition of recent work by Rusty Scruby. He Sells Seashells will feature several of Scruby’s...

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Edward Setina: Concentrations

Performance-based videos, sculptures, and video stills. Featuring an astronaut-like character under some form of physical stress.

Paul Booker: Meander

Booker’s transparent plastic-and-pin sculptures as well as his layered polyurethane, ink, and enamel paintings construct curving rectangles, cloudforms, or arrows that swarm in various winding...

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Trey Egan: Be Still With Me

Trey Egan’s first solo exhibition with Cris Worley Fine Arts is also his MFA Thesis exhibition with UNT’s College of Visual Art and Design.

David Fokos: Gradations

Photographs of land and seascapes that evoke tranquility and emanate light (not literally).

Howard Sherman: List of Demands

The Grand Opening of Cris Worley’s new exhibition space at 1415 Slocum Street, Suite 104. Sherman is known for his large-scale acrylic and marker canvases...

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Suddenly this Summer

A group exhibition of gallery artists Ruben Nieto, Charlotte Smith, Isabelle du Toit, William Cannings, Rusty Scruby, Adela Andea and Paul Booker.

Maysey Craddock: Hinterland

Paintings of leafless trees, dilapidated buildings, and fences in the middle of nowhere on found paper bags.

Paul Manes: Recent Paintings

Born in Austin in 1948, painter Paul Manes currently lives and works in New York. His subject matter varies from swampy landscapes, inspired by living...

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Studio Visit 1-1

Guest and gallery artists whose work features intricately laid handiwork: Trey Egan, Anne Allen, Howard Sherman, Paul Booker, and Blayre Stiller.  Allen’s drawings are based...

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