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Liss LaFleur: TIPS

Conduit Gallery

January 9 - February 13, 2016

An exhibition of 667 acrylic laser cut fingernails. The nails are inspired by Mina Loy's 1914 text "Aphorisms on Futurism" and "are used as a performance tool, via a single channel video, to facilitate discourse between a mother and daughter both biologically and historically linked."

Austin Eddy: The Gloaming

Conduit Gallery

January 9 - February 13, 2016

An exhibition of works by Brooklyn-based artist Austin Eddy. "Eddy’s deceptively simple compositions display an array of playful shapes in a vernacular of imagery reminiscent of fingers, hands, arms, and eyes all in a seeming variety of actions." Shapes, colors, and more: everything you could possibly want from abstract painting!

Annette Lawrence: Standard Time

Conduit Gallery

January 9 - February 13, 2016

An exhibition of works by Denton-based artist Annette Lawrence. The drawings and installation in the show are sourced from the recent digitation of the artist's journals.


Roberto Munguia: eternityest one.

An exhibition of works on paper “that showcase the artist’s ongoing investigations with wax, ink and paint.” Through this use of materials, Munguia has developed a unique...

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W. Tucker: box, boxing, boxed

An exhibition of drawings by Austin-based artist W. Tucker. HIs works reference both materials and an invented cast of characters, forming individual narratives. The show...

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Lily Hanson: The Once Over Twice

An exhibition of works by Dallas-based artist Lily Hanson. Hanson will create a site-specific installation that will serve as a framework for her small abstract sculptures.

Ted Larsen: Still Life

An exhibition of new sculptural works by Santa Fe based artist Ted Larsen. The works “are intended to begin a dialogue concerning: pattern recognition, formal aesthetic issues...

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Anthony Sonnenberg: Fat Equals Flavor

An exhibition of ceramic sculptures by Anthony Sonnenberg. Reminiscent of Baroque and Rococo designs, the pieces are comprised of thick glazes that revel the “darker side...

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Robert Barsamian: New Works

An exhibition of small scale paintings that are allegorical representations of the artist’s reactions to recent political conflict.

Mary Ellen Lacy: From the Studio

An exhibition featuring a series of abstract and figure drawings by Dallas-based artist and dancer, Mary Ellen Lacy.

Matt Clark and Jackson Echols: Mimesis

An exhibition featuring a series of large-scale collaborative works combining Matt Clark’s abstract painting methods with Jackson Echols’ experimental photographic processes.

Jeff Baker: CODE

An exhibition of Jeff Baker’s images documenting the Lower East Side of Manhattan in a time of great change in the city.

Susan Barnett: Copenhagen

An exhibition of drawings, prints and paintings by artist Susan Barnett that visualize mathematical models associated with The Theory of Everything as well as the...

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Robert Jessup: Recent Paintings

New, large-scale paintings by Denton artist Robert Jessup, shown in both of Conduit’s two main galleries. These have less representational imagery than his earlier work,...

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Chris Larson: Heavy Rotation

A solo show of videos and drawings by St. Paul, MN based artist Chris Larson, featuring the video Heavy Rotation which was included in the...

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Sarah Ball: Accused

Welsh artist Sarah Ball’s most recent works are intricate and diminutive painted portraits taken from police mugshots. They delve into ideas surrounding 19th-century physiognomy—which was...

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Vincent Falsetta: New Paintings

Using brushes, cardboard, spreaders, palette knives and dry wall spatulas to achieve a rich, carved and grooved texture, Falsetta presents both large scale paintings on...

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Margaret Meehan: Paper Moon

Chic ceramic golems and painted and collaged Vogue advertisements on 19th century cabinet cards link Coco Chanel with Frankenstein.

Ludwig Schwarz: WALKINCLOSET

A story-show about Joaquin Klose, “a man of little means and a a fan of Little Feet,” who invented WALKINCLOSET (The Game) on the eve...

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Longitude/Latitude Part II

The second part of Conduit’s 30th anniversary show will feature older works alongside recent ones by gallery artists Robert Barsamian, Rosalyn Bodycomb, Gabriel Dawe, Kirk...

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Longitude/Latitude: Part I

Congratulations to Conduit Gallery for reaching their 30 year milestone! Their anniversary shows will pair older works with new ones by gallery artists. Part 1...

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Rosalyn Bodycomb: My Aviary My Aviary

Bodycomb will recreate an installation that involves painting, kinetic sculpture, light and sound. It has previously been exhibited at the Animamus Art Salon, New York, NY....

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Sandra Ono: low tide

A San Francisco based sculptor who assembles everyday materials (Q-tips, rubber bands and aluminum foil) into biomorphic shapes.  

Ellen Berman: Object/Subject

Berman’s oil paintings are a scientific examination of light, form and surface and an expression of the beauty of crystalline and still objects.    ...

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Billy Hassell: Illumination

What begin as careful observations of birds, insects, plants and flowers become stylized figures on patterned grounds influenced by a wide range of decorative traditions.

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