Circuit 12 Contemporary


1130 Dragon St #150

Dallas, TX 75207

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Circuit 12 Contemporary

January 10 - February 14, 2015

New works by Ted Gahl, TJ Donovan, Keith J Varadi, Luis Miguel Bendaña, Carmen Price, Cody Tumblin, Ron Ewert, Tisch Abelow, Cody Hudson, Jim Drain, Chloe Seibert, Bea Fremderman, Mike Rea, Arthur Peña, Brian Scott Campbell, Steven Vainberg, Francisco Moreno, Geoffrey Todd Smith, Sofia Leiby, Henry Gunderson, John Phillip Abbott, Austin Eddy, Greg Ito, Ryan Travis Christian, Scott Wolniak, Ethan Gill, Eric Fleischauer, Jessie Edelman, Eric Shaw



The first installment of a multi-part collaborative project. The conceptual and material components will then move to Hiroshima Art Center in February and to Zurich […]

Andrea Myers: Begin to Dissolve

Andrea Myers’ work explores the space between the two-dimensional and three-dimensional, hybridizing painting, printmaking and sculpture, primarily with the use of fabric and paper.

Alex Dijulio: Constellation Logic

DiJulio is a sculptor and installation artist from Philadelphia. He draws inspiration from his immediate surroundings; he collects, gathers and analyzes found objects and presents […]


Featuring Jesse Morgan Barnett, John Frost, Michael Mazurek, Colby Parsons, Lucia Simek.  Curated by Ryder Richards.

Clark Goolsby: Shatter

Gooolsby has created 12 paintings in which he confronts his emotions triggered by the excess of information.

Tripper: Josh Reames

In his first solo show at Circuit 12 Contemporary, Josh Reames presents a new series of paintings, customized sunglasses, and installation work that merges tropical […]

Concrete Jungle

It’s the last chance to see Concrete Jungle. Concrete Jungle creates a tribal, modernist society within the gallery as a reflection of the 1955 film Blackboard […]

Even Flow

New works from Los Angeles based artist Patrick Martinez, San Francisco based artist Aaron De La Cruz and London England based artist James Roper.

New Future

A group show featuring works by Maya Hayuk, Nathan Green, Kristen Schiele, Michael Dotson, Andrea Myers, and Morgan Blair.

Surface Pattern

A group show featuring works by Dean Monogenis, Kirath Ghundoo, Pepa Prieto, Misato Suzuki, Thomas Spoerndle, Morgan Blair, Lucas Martell, John Guthrie, James Roper, Jessy […]

Dream Continuum

Circuit 12’s inaugural exhibition features Michael Dotson, Kristen Schiele, Sofia Arnold, Linda Chalmers, Ky Anderson, Anthony Cudahy, Clark Goolsby, Graham Caldwell, Aaron Moran, Drew Tyndell, […]