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Evan Meaney: /a_ceibas_cycle.zip


April 26, 2015 | 7:30–9 pm

A screening of recent work by experimental media artist Evan Meaney concerning ghosts, glitches, and the computationally undead. Meaney will be in attendance to present.

I Should Have Been a Pop Star: Evaluating Value


April 18 - May 16, 2015

A series of writings promoted as an exhibition? CentralTrak’s curator-in-residence Leslie Moody Castro will have weekly articles in DMagazine exploring value and the visual arts, while the gallery space will be an empty “microcosmic space through which a bigger conversation can be massaged with transparency and criticality in order to begin to change how this system operates.” Oohkaay

Who’s Afraid of Chuck and George?


February 13 - June 13, 2015

A visual art “roast” of Dallas artists Brian Jones and Brian Scott. who each make art works of their own as well as collaborate under the moniker “Chuck & George.” Nearly a hundred artists were asked to create work immortalizing the beloved duo for this homage exhibition.


Co-Re-Creating Spaces

A group exhibition curated by Carolyn Sortor and Michael A. Morris surveys how “reality” itself can be both art medium and art object, and speculates […]

Deborah Aschheim: Method of Loci

A sound sculpture created in collaboration with musician/composer Lisa Mezzacappa, as well as new works based out on Aschheim’s unrequited relationship with architecture.

Mylan Nguyen: Already Gone

CentralTrak will celebrate this New Year’s eve as if it were the last: Mylan Nguyen fabricates a pre-apocalyptic environment using the metaphor of the end […]

Shannon Novak: One Song, Three Composers

New Zealand pianist/composer/artist Shannon Novak studies the relationship between color, sound and shape, examining sound as fragments exploding outward from a focal point. A blend […]

CIncArt: The Convention on Incorporated Art

Contemporary art projects that take the form of organizations, presented in a trade show format. Organized by Tom Russotti, Mack Cole-Edelsack, and Ramsey Scott, under […]

El Franco Lee II: Liquid Analog

Opens Saturday, September 10, 6–8 pm Lee’s “Urban Mannerist Pop Art” confronts controversial subjects such as hip-hop turf wars and post-Katrina New Orleans, when he’s […]

The Gun & Knife Show

Including Texas artists Nick Barbee, Katrina Moorehead, Faith Gay, Sterling Allen, Charles Hancock, Lance Letscher, Tom Sale, Camp…, William S. Burroughs, Dan Phillips, Margaret Meehan, […]

Black Architecture Project

CentralTrak presents a new exhibition by Darell W. Fields. Putting a new spin on the notion of ornament and crime, The Black Architecture Project explores […]


CentralTrak, The University of Texas at Dallas Artists Residency, presents a new exhibition entitled Glitch. This video exhibition highlights work by Vjanomolee, Jon Cates, Paul […]

The Digital Document

CentralTrak, The University of Texas at Dallas Artists Residency, features a new exhibition highlighting artists whose work takes the idea of documentation as a starting […]

Ruben Nieto: POW! La Revoluci

CentralTrak, the University of Texas at Dallas’ Artists Residency, celebrates the Mexican Bicentennial with an exhibition of work by Ruben Nieto, a current artist in […]

Non-Profit Margin

The Non-Profit Margin exhibition at CentralTrak, the University of Texas at Dallas’ Artists Residency, addresses the current economic crisis through the works displayed in the […]

Transitive Pairings: Body Object

Russell Buchanan and Sunny Sliger, Gary Cunningham and Gabriel Dawe, Sharon Odum and James Gilbert are all included in the exhibition Transitive Pairings: Body Object at […]

States of Exception

Wonderfully quirky and dark, don’t miss States of Exception, which is explores Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben‘s writings about government, torture, prisoner interrogation and more!!

Work, Toucans, Watercolors

Centraltrak opens their fall season with three concurrent exhibitions, featuring work by former Centraltrak artist Peter Barrickman, Dallas-based artist Mary Benedicto, and New York-based Keri […]

Robert Daniel Flowers: 35mm

Current UTD Arts and Technology PhD candidate Robert Flowers has been making films and videos since 1985. This current showing features a collection of five […]

Dark Energy/Dark Matter

Artist in residence Edward Setina presents his newest project, which references the energy that makes up 95% of the universe.

Thorrific: Synesthetic Reactor

"Thor Johnson’s interactive video installation detects light, motion and audio levels to generate images and sound. The participants experience the archetypes of the collective unconscious […]

Frank Dufour: Highest Fidelity

Centraltrak presents Associate Professor Frank Dufour’s Highest Fidelity: I Am A Sound Technician. "Inspired by childhood experiences in the southern part of Paris, Dufour transforms […]

Commute Portraits: Work by Florencia Levy

"Argentine artist in residence Florencia Levy returns to Centraltrak for an exhibition of her project based on highway commutes within the Metroplex. Levy documented the […]

Vicious Pink

This exhibit aims to "push pink from the subversive to the hyperreal. Artists enlist pink materials to the hilt while straddling the line between high […]

Checkpoint Dreamyourtopia

If you’ve ever wondered what it’d be like to be accosted by customs officers or the border patrol, where here’s your chance to find out! […]

Laray Polk: The Beautiful Obstacle

Check out Laray Polk‘s installation in the Unit 9 and Corridor Spaces at Centraltrak. If you like what you see, head over to The MAC […]

Geomorph: Rethinking Landscape

Lanie DeLay, Peter Ligon, Jim Malone, Lisa Nersesova, Mark Schatz, and Mike Westfried are all participating artists in Geomorph, and have each reinvented what a […]

UNIT 9: Introducing Sunny Sliger

Centraltrak director Dr. Charissa N. Terranova will wear one of Sliger’s pieces during the opening reception. Based on what we know of Seliger’s work, with […]