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Artspace 111


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Fifth Annual Artspace111 Regional Juried Exhibition

Artspace 111

June 22 - July 28, 2018

This year's Artspace111 Regional Juried Exhibition was juried by Christina Rees, Editor-in-Chief of Glasstire. Artists in the show include:James Akers | Maisie Alford | Cody Arnall | Annie Arnold | Steven Barker | Darla Barolini | Jill Bedgood | Raphael Benero | William Billingsley | Rachel Black | Alejandro Borges | Daniel Brents | Jose Canepa | Sara Cardona | Abraham Cepeda | Lindy Chambers |Louie Chavez | David Collins | Patricia Cowan | Ron Crouch | Hannah Dean | Philip denker | Meris Drew | Rehab El Sadek | Taylor Ellis | Michael Emerson | Julie England | Sarah Fisher | Doug Fudge | Jessica Fuentes | Gao Hang | Bryan Gardner | Glen Gauthier | Gale Gibbs | B.C. Gilbert | Robert Gordon | Larry Graeber | Peter Harrington | Candace Hicks | Clayton Hurt | Loc Huynh | Ernesto Ibanez | Cedric Ingram | David Janesko | George Ann Johnson | Brooke Johnson | Ruth Keitz | Bumin Kim | Cindee Klement | Barbara Koerble | Padaric Kolander | Justin Korver | Casey Leone | Renata Lucia | Yasuyo Maruyama | William Messimer | Brian Molanphy | Robert Moore | Zach Morriss | Michael Odom | Shelby Orr | Chancellor Page | Jeffrey Poole | Christopher Rahmeh | Lisa Rawlinson | Cary Reeder | Cory Reeves | Sarah Roberts | Jim Rode | John Rossman | Colie Ryan | Breanne Schwarz | Emily Sides | Carl Smith | Brooke Walzel | Jon Whitfill | Ty Wilcox | David Willburn | David Witherspoon | Rachel Wolfson Smith | Lillian Young | Carolyn Young


Ronald Watson: Voyage

An exhibition of works by Ronald Watson. The show is curated by Jim Woodson.

Jim Malone: Gold Rush

In Gold Rush, artist Jim Malone’s mixed media 2D works feature gold leaf “to weigh the value of his subjects versus the universal symbol of wealth: gold.”

City Symphony

City Symphony is a group exhibition featuring works by Daniel Blagg, Maureen Brouillette, Pat Gabriel, William Greiner, and Kim Owens. The works in the show explore...

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Sussie is a group exhibition of small works by Texas-based artists. Artists include: Carly Allen-Martin, Daniel Blagg, Dennis Blagg, Maureen Brouillette, Danville Chadbourne, Janet Chaffee, Matt Clark,...

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Danville Chadbourne: Recent Works

A show of recent works by artist Danville Chadbourne. “Chadbourne’s organic totems and wall sculptures, formed from earthen materials, emulate organisms found and unfound in our...

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John Hartley: Once Upon A Time

A show of works by Fort Worth artist John Hartley. “Once Upon A Time features Hartley’s photo realistic paintings of antique collectible figures that explore memory...

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Jason Lee: A Plain View

An exhibition featuring photographs from Jason Lee’s upcoming book, A Plain View. The images “were made throughout Texas over the course of four separate road trips in...

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Matt Clark: Fracture

A show of abstract paintings by Dallas-based artist Matt Clark. In his work, Clark aims to “explore consciousness and emotion.”

Al Souza: Puzzle Works

A show of Al Souza’s puzzle works. The pieces in the exhibition are meant to challenge the definition of painting by “altering traditions of medium and application.”

Still Life

An exhibition of still life artworks. The show will feature works by Aimee Cardoso, Erika Duque, William Greiner, and Marilyn Waligore.

Jim Malone: Scene/Not Scene

An exhibition of new paintings and objects by Jim Malone. In this show, Malone attempts to “create a new perspective on the collective relationship with nature and...

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Carly Allen-Martin: A Hundred Silent Ways

An exhibition by Dallas artist Carly Allen-Martin. “The artist’s latest body of work focuses on the physical application of various mediums, emphasizing rich colors, layers, textures,...

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3rd Annual Regional Juried Exhibition

An exhibition juried by Kimbell Art Museum director Eric M. Lee. The show is open to artists residing in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Arkansas.

Greatest Hits

A greatest hits exhibition featuring works by Artspace111 artists and invited artists.

Daniel Blagg: Rambler

Exhibition by Daniel Blagg, a Texas native. These urban realist paintings capture scenes of decayed, neglected, and abandoned areas.

Janet Chaffee: Waxing

New works by Janet Chaffee. By using a variety of mediums, the artist tries to hint at themes of “nostalgia and progression.”


An exhibition of works by artists employed by Fort Worth art museums. “The employees of these organizations, ranging from gallery attendants to administrators, are surrounded...

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Winter Rusiloski: Magnificent Tempest

A solo exhibition of works by artist Winter Rusiloski. Flirting the line between painting and collage, Rusiloski’s works combine disparate elements to create sublime compositions.


An exhibition of Artspace111 artists, including Alice Bateman, Daniel Blagg, Dennis Blagg, Michelle Brandley, Danville Chadbourne, Matt Clark, Barbara Dybala, Ann Ekstrom, Pat Gabriel, Sarah Green,...

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2nd Annual Regional Juried Exhibition

The second annual regional exhibition, juried by artist Vernon Fisher and including a wide variety of works by over 65 Texas artists.

Devon Nowlin: Casual Luxury Complex

For this exhibition of new paintings, photographs and small sculptures by Fort Worth artist Devon Nowlin that speak to ideas of marketing, personal image, and...

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A group show featuring paintings and prints by artists Daniel Blagg, Ty Wilcox, Maureen Brouillette and David Leonard

Private Practice

Works from the individual artists in the collective HOMECOMING! Committee. Including Christopher M. Bond, Bradly Brown, Ryan Goolsby, Courtney Hamilton, Timothy Harding, Shelby Meier, Devon...

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