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Light, Lite, Lte (!?!)

500X Gallery

November 1 - 23, 2014

Featuring 500x artists Clint Bargers, Tommy Fedele, Michael Furrh and Jennifer Seibert, all of whom address memory, movement, growth, gesture and unattainable utopias.


Elaine Pawlowicz: Protections Spells

Work from her recent summer artist residencies in Montana, Wyoming and Iceland.  Including “Cosmos,” an installation of paintings inspired by the open night skies and […]

Jonathan Snow: Progression...

He’s “fascinated by the idea of a compounding process in motion, this primary structure of formation, the branching nature of everything.”

Nate Glaspie & Tiffany Wolf / Jungeun Lee

500X Gallery presents a slew of new exhibitions highlighting recent work by Nate Glaspie and Tiffany Wolf. In the Upstairs Gallery you’ll find Jungeun Lee’s […]


500X Gallery launches a new juried exhibition for college students only. Juried by Andrea Karnes, Curator, The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, the exhibition […]

500X Gallery Members Show

500X Gallery kicks off the Fall season with the 500X Members Show opening Saturday, September 11. The exhibition features work by 500X members- Christine Bisetto, […]

Cunningham & Best, Camplin, Clark & Webster

Three exhibitions open at 500X Gallery. Tim Best and Shelby Cunningham in Sheep, Sharks, and Nightlights and in the upstairs gallery is Words, Words, Words… by Todd Camplin. Don’t miss the […]

The Expo Show

Christina Rees, recently appointed curator of Ft. Worth Contemporary Arts, TCU and former Road Agent owner, partners up with Richard Patterson to jury EXPO 2010.

Rebecca Carter and Thomas Feulmer

500X presents new work by Rebecca Carter (shown) and Thomas Feulmer, as well as Melancholia by Julie Barnofski in the upstairs gallery, and Holy Saint […]

piece together: Lesli Robertson & Aqsa Shakil

Check out Lesli Robertson & Aqsa Shakil downstairs, and the 500x Annual Members Show upstairs, which includes work by: Tim Best, Rebecca Carter, Matt Clark, […]

Sarah Williams: M.F.A. Thesis Exhibition

Soon-to-be UNT grad Sarah Williams‘ subject matter may seem mundane, but her paintings are far from it. The woman can really paint! Her work is […]

Diane Sikes: Looking Backward

"Sikes recasts found objects to illustrate the transitory nature of memory, thought, and time. The objects are marked, scarred, and imperfect with inscrutable elements."

(anti) Formula

500X presents a large-scale installation by Rebecca Carter, Mexican retablo-inspired work by Mark Collop, a sort of permutation of self-portraiture by Shelby Cunningham, and work […]

Open Terrain

Open Terrain features work by Thomas Feulmer, Keri Oldham, Brian Spolans, and Kyle Warren. Also, check out Mark Collop and Colby Parsons’ show Cuckoo in […]

monochrome | Petite | Glenn Downing

500X presents three shows this time around. The first is monochrome, which features work by new members Matt Clark and Sean Ibanez. Second up is […]

Tina Medina: Anima Animus

New work by 500X regular Tina Medina. While you’re there, don’t miss future UNT grad Julon Pinkston‘s MFA Thesis Exhibition, Query Mystery, in the upstairs […]

EXPO 2008

An annual juried competition, this year the exhibit was curated by Terri Thornton, an artist and Curator of Education at the Modern Art Museum of […]