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Diane Durant & Devyn Gaudet

500X Gallery

January 10 - February 1, 2015

Paying homage to Eleanor Antin and her 100 Boots journey in the early 1970s, this installation documents Texas artists Devyn Gaudet and Diane Durant 50 Boots across their home state—halfway to Antin's Southern California and back.

Tales Neither True Nor False

500X Gallery

January 10 - February 1, 2015

This group show delves into the ambiguous nature of identity through autobiographical accounts and fabricated realities in the work of artists Sheryl Anaya, Jessica Fuentes, Laura Garcia, and M. Kate Helmes.

Ryan Goolsby and Timothy Harding: Telephone

500X Gallery

January 10 - February 8, 2015

For this unique collaboration, artists Ryan Goolsby and Timothy Harding had only weekly exchanges, with no direct knowledge of each other’s production. The resulting works carry elements of chance and improvisation as well as combine Goolsby’s practice of woodworking and construction with Harding’s abstract painting.


Kate Colin and Lauren Kirchner

A collaborative, site specific installation of drawings integrating elements of micro and macro universes, created for 500X Gallery’s Project Space by artists Kate Colin and […]

co | action

10 artists in an exhibition showcasing of mentor/artist pairs, including Adam Fung > Alyssa Hawkins; Darryl Lauster > Jeff Gibbons; Margaret Meehan > Devon Nowlin; […]

dark dark dork

A collaboration between Pierre Krause and H. Schenck in the downstairs Project Space.

Light, Lite, Lte (!?!)

Featuring 500x artists Clint Bargers, Tommy Fedele, Michael Furrh and Jennifer Seibert, all of whom address memory, movement, growth, gesture and unattainable utopias.


An annual group show by the 16 new and current members of 500X, the oldest contemporary artist-run space in Dallas. This exhibition will include “photography, […]


SCUBA and friends take a gallery truck called ICESHELF on the road in the tradition of exploration, adaptation, and collaboration and make a stop in Dallas.

pigweasels: Cassie Phan

Also in the Downstairs Project Space: Scuba HI and in the Upstairs Project Space: Tools -Bernardo Cantu, Derek Rankins and Davis Kouk.  

exit to the left

Recent works by Clayton Hurt, Joel Kiser and Bruce Monroe. Downstairs Project Space: A group show featuring new 500X members, Clint Bargers, Kate Colin, Michael Furrh, Jennifer […]

Elizabeth Hurtado Portal II: Portal II

“I employ repetitive and mundane activity as a means of tangible accumulation, making use of whatever material may be at hand: pencils, wall, cloth, rope, […]

Elaine Pawlowicz: Warped

Narrative paintings by Pawlowicz examine quirky perceptions of life and death using animals as metaphors.

EXPO 2014

The annual juried show juried by Gabriel Ritter, The Nancy and Tim Hanley Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art at the Dallas Museum of Art.  

Creative Differences: 35 Years at 500X

500X is one of the oldest artist-run galleries in Texas. This exhibition features a variety of media, including painting, photography, installation, assemblage, video, drawing, and […]

Return to Narrative

Working in a variety of media, each artist employs strategies of non-linear narrative to examine issues surrounding identity, history, and culture.

2013 Members Show

The members of 500X Gallery have locked up their summer homes, landed their private planes and docked their yachts for the summer. And they are […]

Hot and Sweaty 2: Open Season

Announcing 500X’s 2nd annual, legendary,  unjuried Open Show! All of the work has been dropped off and, as always, it is a very diverse showing of […]

Candace Hicks: Common Threads

Hand-stitching every line, letter, and illustration in dime store composition books enhances their status as objects.

Joel Kiser: Tales from the Frying Pan

Works born from the insights and lunacies of Mad Magazine, National Lampoons, and the Weekly World News repurposed using the surface vocabulary of 1980’s fanboy […]

The Landscape Is Motorized

A collaborative project between Timothy Harding and Gregory Ruppe. Their new works, Untitled (Long Play A, 18:55) and Untitled (Long Play B, 20:18), function as […]

John Robert Craft: Material + Structure

The artist indulges his his curiosity about ferrous metallurgy, building structures and making drawings that are his interpretations of iron surfaces and the microscopic structures […]

Shayne Murphy: Fever Dreaming

Shayne Murphy’s paintings incorporate the figure within invented and ambiguous spaces to invoke a sense of exploration and discovery. The relationship between the figures and […]