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Substance and Substrate

Works by Hayley Fowler, Iva Kinnaird, and Sharon Turner. Curated by H Schenck

Lindsey M. Brown Two-finger Salute

A multi-media installation that questions the validity of ‘power gestures’ by irreverent documentation of the Google Image search results for “steeple hands.”


“GRLPWR is a group exhibition focusing on contemporary feminism, girlhood, and the impact of the 1990s Girl Power movement.  The works consider empowerment, but also...

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Kalee Appleton: Surrounds

An exhibition by Kalee Appleton examining the history of the photographic backdrop, and transforming it into a photographic subject.

Kate Colin: Spontaneous Symmetry

An exhibition of paintings by by Kate Colin. Her work suggests a “twisted theory of everything, where a fragmented space exists in various states of activity.”

That's So Hot

An exhibition featuring works by Cassie Phan, Nick Bontrager, Gregory Scott Cook, Justin Ginsberg, and Ricardo Paniagua.

Seth Lorenz: Rabbit Holes

An exhibition of works by artist Seth Lorenz. The pieces in the show deal with issues around “dysfunctional domestic environments.”

Raw Talent: 500X College Expo

An annual juried expo of college students from around Texas. This year’s juror is Ariel Saldivar, the Founder and Executive Director of ArtPrize Dallas.

500X January Solo Member Shows

An exhibition featuring work by Clint Bargers, Bernardo Cantu, Jose Rueben Melendez, and Jennifer Seibert.

co | action

An exhibition of 10 artists working as pairs. The gallery reached out to 5 artists in the DFW area and asked them to choose a...

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Yuni Jung Lee

A show of works by Yuni Jung Lee, an international MFA candidate at UNT.


A show with works by current and former members.

500X November Member Show

A show featuring the work of H. Schenck, Bill Bridges, Rachel Muldez, and Laura Garcia-Penn.

Kate Colin & Kasten Searles: Twin Terra

An exhibition of collaborative works by Kate Colin & Kasten Searles. The pieces in the show address the recent flooding in North Texas and Arkansas.

500X Expo 2015

An exhibition of works juried by gallery director Erin Cluley.

X Proof

500X’s annual membership show. Featuring 16 artists, this show is comprised of works that explore a variety of content and formal concerns.

Plan X: 500X Members Exhibition

An exhibition of work by current 500X members, curated by Dallas artists, curators, and sisters by Erin and Elissa Stafford.

Family Ties: Brooklyn|Dallas

A “family style” group exhibition, curated jointly by Brooklyn-based painter Julie Torres and Dallas artist Bonny Leibowitz and including the participation of more than 120...

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Easter Egg Hunt!

An easter egg hunt with prizes, plus food, drink, and of course a chance to see current exhibitions.

H. Schenck: Clubhouse

A fort perhaps made from boxes and chairs,  behind the stairs on the top floor of 500X. Maybe with a cat.

2 Responses

  1. Dear Glasstire,

    Thank you for listing my exhibtion. I look to Glasstire frequently for opportunities and upcoming exhibitions and welcome the information that you provide on these forums. I am contacting you in regards to the accuracy of this post in hopes that you would be willing to list the correct information.

    1. My name is actually H. Schenck. H Period Schenck is derived from Facebook not allowing me to have H. as a name.

    2. Your description “A fort behind the stairs on the top floor of 500X” is an inaccurate representation of the installation, that currently does not even exist. If you wish to use my narrative in conjunction with your post, please feel free to do so. “I built forts out of foam bed liners, cardboard boxes, and chairs. Sometimes my cat would sleep in them with me.”

    3. My exhibition is not the only one opening this evening. If you could post the following information in addition to this, I would greatly appreciate it.
    Diane Durant | The silent air of ruin is fragile.
    Timothy Harding | Things

    Kate Colin | Plane Intersection
    H. Schenck | Clubhouse.

    Downstairs Project Space:
    Michael Furrh | Sebastian Stoddart
    M. Kate Helmes | Katherine Baker

    Upstairs Project Space:
    Jessica Fuentes | Jean-Luc Vila

    I truly appreciate your help in this matter.

    Thank you,
    H. Schenck

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