Artist Town Hall Meeting

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Artist Town Hall Meeting

February 18, 2014 | 6:30–8:30 pm

Eldorado Ballroom @ Project Row Houses

2310 Elgin, Houston, TX 77004 Get directions


The focus of this meeting is to discuss the needs of artists living and working in the Houston area. Topics of discussion are open but could include issues such as artist stipends, public art and exhibition opportunities, affordable housing, studios and health insurance. The Town Hall format will be interactive, offering opportunities for participants to offer input and ask questions. It will be facilitated by Houston artists Ayanna Jolivet Mccloud, Carrie Schneider and Patrick Renner and is presented by Art League Houston and Fresh Arts.

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  1. gabriel martinez

    Artists Talking Endlessly
    i was glad to participate in the artist town hall-even if a town full of artists is a frightening prospect. i didnt know what to expect, or what, if any, of the things on my list would be of concern to a large group of strangers. i was happy to see that everyone took it seriously. ayanna patrick and carrie managed to keep the meeting on track despite the bedlam. i am a fan of all three and i might not have participated had they not been involved.
    some thoughts as to the limitations of such a meeting might be helpful.
    as would some restrictions on subject matter: this should be a time to talk collectively as a group. it is through this collective voice that we have any political clout.
    individual artists who were looking to get a show or get their name out there or get more time with Houston gallerists wasted the time of any attempts at a collective voice. fuck off and get a show. this isnt the place for it.
    there are lots of resources available to Houston artists. perhaps art league, HAA, fresh arts, TALA, lawndale, etc should organize a resource fair to advertise some of the services they offer. these services are actually what make houstons art scene special. they are the result of dedicated individuals and they should be shared, just maybe not at a town hall meeting. resource sharing is an important part of building an art scene: the acknowledgement of dependence and vulnerability and the collective address of these issues. this benefits all artists.
    but real estate agents asking artists to volunteer their talents in the service of urban development?
    the only answer is to meet again
    and again

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