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Don’t Get Screwed: Tax Help for Artists

Ed Ruscha, "Pay Nothing Until April," 2003, acrylic on canvas.

Ed Ruscha, “Pay Nothing Until April,” 2003, acrylic on canvas.

Today marks the one month countdown to Tax Day, so it’s time for all the tricky strangeness that defines the income of artists and writers–grants, honorariums, scholarships, and untaxed payments for sales or services rendered–to come to a head. Why not get some help sorting out all that unaccountable vaguery with a team of professional money-counters, accountants!

If you’re in the Houston area, you’re in luck because this Wednesday, March 19, Fresh Arts will host a tax workshop for artists, helping you determine if you can, in fact, write-off your home office or studio if it is also your guest room (you can’t, FYI).

WORKSHOP: Tax Preparation for Artists
Presented by Kathy Ploch and hosted by Fresh Arts
Wednesday, March 19, 2014
2101 Winter St., Studio #B11
Houston, TX 77007

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  1. Bill Davenport

    I think letting guests sleep in your office ought to be OK with the IRS, if it’s OK with your guests.

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