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Keep Love Alive with Protein Painting and Glowing Jewelry!

glowing_heartThose still scrambling for a unique Valentine’s Day experience might consider contacting Brightwork CoResearch to see if there is still space in this evening’s “Sweet on Science” workshop (6-8 pm). Modeled on those places that teach you how to paint a sunset while getting tipsy on wine with your pals, this workshop offers the same thing—except the paint is actually made of live, colorful proteins. Before painting, the workshop begins with a short lesson on the history of proteins and the role they play in research. Then, as a Valentines Day bonus, everyone also gets to make a bioluminescence necklace!

Located in Houston’s Rice Village, Brightwork CoResearch seems to be set up similarly to the budding Makerspace in East Houston. Makerspace offers classes and workshops for artists, but also memberships that provide access to studio space, equipment and tools. Brightwork provides the same sort of networking, equipment access and social experience, but for science nerds.

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