Glasstire Summer Video Contest!

Not a real video- don't adjust your TV sets!

Not a real video—don’t adjust your TV sets!

We’re looking for short* documentary** videos about Texas art and Texas artists, and we know they’re out there!

So we’re having a contest: upload your original video to YouTube by July 28, and send the link to Bill Davenport at

During the month of August, we’ll pick*** eight finalists to feature on our homepage. Each finalist will receive $100. At the end of the month, the top video, as judged by our readers, will win a $400 grand**** prize!

*10 seconds – 3 minutes or so.

**Video about art or artists in Texas, NOT art video, or artist projects.

***Via an opaque process involving Glasstire staff, red-eared sliders, and a polygraph.

****Technically speaking, $100+$400 is only half a grand.


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  1. Looking good Mr. Davenport. Glad to see you keeping up your exercise regimen.

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