People’s Art Show to Occupy Austin City Hall in 2012, Needs Local Art!

2009 People's Choice: Squirrley by James Tisdale

The City of Austin is looking for local art to fill City Hall for next year’s popular annual People’s Gallery Exhibition.  This year the show will run from February 24, 2012-January 10, 2013 and the application deadline is midnight December 5 for artists, galleries and  art spaces to submit artworks for consideration via the city’s online application. There’s an artist information meeting on Tuesday, November 22, 2011 at 6 pm in Room 1029 at City Hall, 301 W. Second St.

Included in the city’s prospectus for the show is a fascinating piece of doublethink:

“Policy: The City of Austin respects freedom of expression in visual art. However, the Austin City Hall does not function as a gallery or museum in its ability to exhibit any and all content within its business setting. Therefore, the City reserves the right to remove or relocate artwork at its sole discretion. Display of artwork in Austin City Hall does not create a public forum.”

I displaying artwork in City Hall does not constitute a public forum, what does? It might be simpler to say that “artwork that upsets anyone will not be hung.”

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