I know you are, but what am I? Spongebob artist Todd White, sued by gallery owner Howell alleges massive forgery scheme

Margaret Howell of HB Gallery in Huntington Beach, CA has sued Todd White, former SpongeBob character artist, and his “henchmen”, for $7.5 million in damage to her business and emotional distress after white’s studio manager, his attorney, and two martial arts experts reclaimed $1.5 million worth of White’s art from the gallery in what Howell’s attorney calls “a malicious and brutal assault and robbery.”

The artist, in return, says that Howell had confessed to forgery and fraud, and the repo-men were reclaiming work in return for an agreement not to prosecute, both sides generating juicy quotes: “We look forward to prevailing at trial and showing the world just what kind of a person Mr White and his henchmen really are,” said Howell’s attorney, Jonathan M. Jenkins. “Obviously, the allegations she’s thrown out are just totally absurd. For her to say what she said is so outrageous, I mean it’s amazing, ” said White studio manager Bryce Eddy.

White in action with an unnamed art patron


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