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Similar but Different #6: Books and Magazines

I am finally thinking about putting together my summer reading list (yes I know it’s already the end of July). I started by looking for input from NPR’s summer book recommendations and came up with this post, Similar but Different #6: Books and Magazines. My top reading picks to finish before the end of summer:
DEAD End Gene Pool: A Memoir by Wendy Burden, The Lemon Tree  by Sandy Tolan, The Sweet Hereafter  by Russell Banks, Darwin’s Worms by Adam Phillips,  and until I actually have time to pick up a book I’ll start reading by catching up on my pile of dejected New Yorker magazines. Last night’s short story was Jonathan Safran Foer’s HERE WE AREN’T So QUICKLY  which I loved and connected with from the opening line "I was not good at drawing faces."
The visuals below are few but the artwork is sincere in honoring the meaningful and tactile qualities contained within and beyond the pages of a good read. These sculptors pay homage and recreate a desire to hold onto the written word in wood (Bakker) , unfired clay (Morgin) , very tiny paper replicas (LeDray) , and enamel on paper mache’ (Lowe) .
For more on Morgin click HERE to read a recent interview from Sculpture Magazine, Nothing Outlives Mortality, except maybe for books…

Conrad Bakker, Untitled Project Market (Geneva)

Kristen Morgin, Objects for Everyone I have Ever Known

Charles Ledray, Magazine Rack 1-6 detail


Charles Ledray, Magazine Rack 1-6 overview

Jean Lowe, Candida Hofa- Libraries- Essay by Umerto Eco


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