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Call it 9/11 for the Houston art world. Okay, don’t, since that would be really inappropriate and way out of line. Maybe Pearl Harbor. No, that’s not right either. What other famous sneak attacks were there? The Trojan Horse? That scene in Braveheart where the Scots ride away on their horses but then come back and ambush the English army from the side? Or how about that time Wayne Dolcefino was a total douche and went after local arts funding? Yeah, that works.

If ArtCampHouston’s Grace Rodriguez has her way, Wayne’s attack just might bring Houston art folks together.

After Dolcefino’s broadcasts, Rodriquez and several others “recognized that we need to facilitate better communication and improve relationships among the various arts organizations, stakeholders, and supporters to strengthen our community, so that we could disseminate information and correct misunderstandings more quickly in the future," she told the Houston Press.

And just how do they plan to accomplish that? With “a community-based event to discuss the state of the arts in Houston and develop an informed strategy on how we can collectively support our arts community.”

Sounds like fun. The event goes down on Saturday, February 28, at Caroline Collective. More info here.

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  1. hotdiggity

    Jayne Lawrence, San Antonio

    Kelli Vance, Houston

    William Cannings, Lubbock

    what terrible artists. true dreck. Cannings doesn’t seem to have an idea in his head. Waste of a decent technique and lots of metal. Anyone see his show at Pan American last year? “Infl8” anyone? The sex dummies in steel – that had been done better by the Chapman bro’s years earlier?
    Jayne Lawrence? That shit looks like it was made 20 years ago, and didn’t matter then either. Dresses out of wire? You have got to be kidding me.
    Who curated this shit again? Terrible. Sorry Texas. You suck.

  2. triangles

    I don’t care what type of PR spin you put on this show, these artists are terrible and the concept for this show is ridiculous. Labeling some of these artists as “grass-roots” is no excuse to glorify the showing of shitty, uninformed, cliche, unsophisticated, stale, and bad art. I don’t care if the artist being shown isn’t some hot young new-on-the-scene hipster, but I expect him/her to make interesting work. I don’t want to see work that looks like it came right off the walls from a senior community center art show and then read some bullshit about how it’s valid because it came from the middle of fucking nowhere.

  3. triangles


    Next year I suggest showing some authentic Texas landscapes. Some longhorns in a field of bluebonnets might bring in more donations for the prestige of that “$10,000 PATRON” seat next to Michael Duncan.

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