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Check out Papercity (really) for interviews with Fredericka Hunter and Betty Moody about the heady days of Houston in the 1970s explosion of postmodern art. Ball High (Galveston) alumni Hunter went to Wellesley in the 60s, only to "turn on, tune in, drop out" and party hearty in the punk rock world of New York. Remember that Cincinatti dustup over Robert Maplethorpe in 1990? Hunter exhibited his S+M work in the Bible Belt in 1978. She’s on the board of Chinati and calls Judd "baroque". Moody waxes nostalgic about former Chron art critic Patty Johnson showing Siqueiros and Leona Carrington back in the day and praises Michael Bise as the Next Big Thing.



You can’t read it online, so snag one off the street and dig through the socialite pages for an intimate portrait of the artworld’s introduction to Houston.

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