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Blue is Not a Color

Ruiz-Healy Art

July 11 - September 1, 2018

Blue is Not a Color is a group exhibition featuring works by Jesse Amado, Richard Armendariz, Cecilia Biagini, Cecilia Paredes, Cade Bradshaw, Jennifer Ling Datchuk, DeliasofiaZacarias, and Andrea Reyes.


Margarita Cabrera: Collaborative Work

Margarita Cabrera: Collaborative Work presents sculpture, textile, watercolor and prints that highlight the artist’s work produced collectively.

Mark Schlesinger: Hello Stranger(s)

An exhibition featuring new works by San Antonio-based artist Mark Schlesinger. “Schlesinger’s work concentrates on an exploration of color and the visual tactility of material. Focusing...

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Richard Armendariz: Tell Me Where it Hurts

An exhibition of new works by Richard Armendariz. The show includes carved paintings and woodblock prints that reference pop culture and through cultural critique and commentary.

Mel Casas: Iconic Reality

A show featuring works by artist Mel Casas. In addition to co-founding the San Antonio Artist Collective Con Safo, Casas was an educator and a proponent of Chicano...

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Chuck in Context

An exhibition focusing on the texted-based works of San Antonio artist Chuck Ramirez. This is the first time Ramirez’s Words series has been show in its entirety.


A group exhibition curated by Hills Snyder and featuring works by Carlos Amorales, Fernando Andrade, Sarah Fox, Pedro Friedeberg, Nicolás Leiva and James Smolleck. “Interval invites a...

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Johanna Calle: Trama

A show of works by Bogotá-based artist Johanna Calle. The exhibition will include the artist’s line drawings and prints.

Jesse Amado: Becoming

A show of new works by Jesse Amado. The exhibition features politically themed “block letters,”textile “colorings,” virgin wool felt “tablets”, trompe-l’oeil prints by Hare & Hound Press, and...

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On the Curve

A group exhibition featuring eight artists who “delve into curvilinear shapes and forms with a bold intellectual and playful practice using art history as an...

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Perennial Boundaries

An exhibition of contemporary art rooted in the socio-political experience of the U.S /Mexico border and Texas. Featuring works by Margarita Cabrera, César Martínez, Fernando Andrade,...

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Graciela Iturbide: A Lens to See

An exhibition of photography by Graciela Iturbide. In her art, Iturbide explores the male gaze and the power and dignity of women. The works in this...

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Dreamers and Realists

A group exhibition featuring works by Jesse Amado, Andrés Ferrandis, Cisco Jímenez, Nicole Franchy, Kaela Puente, and Alejandro Augustine Padilla. The show includes artists who “address...

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Pedro Friedeberg: Praise of Folly

An exhibition of mixed media works by internationally acclaimed artist Pedro Friedeberg. Praise of Folly features a diverse range of works including sculptures and prints.

Straight from Mexico City

An exhibition by artists Eugenia Martínez, Kanako Namura, Manuel Solano, and Rafael Uriegas. Each artist has a unique relationship to Mexico City that impacts their...

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Julie Speed: Undertoad

An exhibition presented in collaboration with Flatbed Press in Austin. The show is comprised of paintings, prints, and collages, showing the breadth of Speed’s artistic talents.

Why is the Sky Blue?

A group Exhibition featuring works by Jesse Amado, Laura Anderson Barbata, Cecilia Biagini, Nate Cassie, Aníbal Delgado, Hersúa, Cisco Jimenez, Magali Lara, Chuck Ramirez, Guillermo Santamarina,...

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Jesse Amado: 30 Day Rx

A solo exhibition of new works by San Antonio artist Jesse Amado informed by his recent personal experience with illness and prescription drugs.

More than Words: Text-Based Artworks

A group show featuring a variety of text works by nine artists–Jesse Amado, Ricky Armendariz, Marifer Barrero, Nate Cassie, Alejandro Diaz, Andrés Ferrandis, Chuck Ramirez,...

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Constance Lowe: Air to Ground

Recent works by San Antonio artist Constance (Connie) Lowe are textural, geometric collages using a variety of materials, either set against semi-translucent drafting film or...

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Straight from Spain

Works by Isabel Muñoz and Juan Manuel Castro Prieto, two photographers from Spain. Presented in conjunction with FotoSeptiembre.

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