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Noriko and Ushio Shinohara: Cutie and the Boxer in Dallas

Kirk Hopper Fine Art

March 7 - April 11, 2015

An exhibition of works by artists Noriko and Ushio Shinohara, who were profiled in the documentary Cutie and the Boxer. Best known for his boxing paintings, Ushio has made bold, oversized works since the ‘60s. His wife Noriko’s success has been more recent, with her series of autobiographical drawings and prints.


New Work: Diaz-Ayala, Garcia, Harnden, Mathis

A painting-based exhibition featuring works by Alejandro Diaz-Ayala, Sergio Garcia, Luke Harnden, and Nicholas Mathis, with concepts and curation by the exhibiting artists themselves.

Ctrl+V: Collage

All-collage show. Works by Alejandro Diaz-Ayala, Bryan Florentin, Carlos Donjuan, Chubirka, Jay Riggio, and Luke Harnden.

Urban Nature

Soner and Patricia Rodriguez collaborate on street arty-paintings.

Luke Harnden: Maw N Paw

Harnden calls attention to the light and shadow in constructed forms. Utilizing found objects and industrial materials he creates interactive pieces.

Terry Maker: You Are Here

Terry Maker explores mark making. Intrigued by the mundane and sacred, she utilizes a variety of commonplace objects and traditional art making materials to create […]

Alfredo Scaroina: Quid Pro Quo

Kirk Hopper Fine Art in conjunction with Deborah Colton Gallery presents Alfredo Scaroina: Quid Pro Quo. Alfredo Scaroina’s work explores abstraction and the difference in psychological expression […]

Karin Broker: Trouble in Paradise

Karin Broker’s exhibition entitled Trouble in Paradise features ornate sculptural works, as well as 2D works with nailed metal on wood. They deal with bad […]

Eduardo Portillo: An Allegory of Humor

Colossal, multi-colored sculptures create a sense of awe and curiosity similar to the feelings evoked in him when viewing the circus for the first time.

Letitia Huckaby: Bygone

A tribute to the strength, resourcefulness, creativity, faith and traditions from previous generations.

Ann Glazer: Wellhead

“A reflection on the fluidity of knowledge, the landscape of the unconscious, and the fitful starts and stops of the creative process.” Glazer lives and […]

Rain or Shine

Curator Charles Dee Mitchell said, “I shall call it Rain or Shine.” Because isn’t that really the point when you expose art to the elements? […]

HJ Bott: Traceries

Harvey Bott was born in Gill, Colorado. Upon completing high school in San Antonio, he began a Tri-Coastal and European education process that included joint […]

Ledelle Moe: Transitions/Displacements

Over the past year, the artist traveled to various countries including India, Botswana, Cape Town and the Karoo, in South Africa. In each location she […]

Roger Winter: Between Heaven and Earth

Works from influential SMU teacher Winter’s five decade career in collaboration with the exhibition at The McKinney Avenue Contemporary (The MAC) featuring works by Roger […]

Bogdan Perzyński I Will Have Gold

Perzyński focuses on the question of art’s interdisciplinary character; this includes the philosophies of communicative action, social pragmatism, and individual invention. Since 1987 Bogdan Perzyński […]

Sergio Garcia: Social

Includes Heat, Garcia’s new series of silk-screen prints, and gunpowder.