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Daniel Blagg &David Leonard: Kindred Spirits

Davis Gallery

February 25 - April 8, 2017

A show of paintings by Daniel Blagg and David Leonard. From the gallery: "Leonard is known for his incredibly detailed panoramic paintings of modern American cityscapes ranging from Chicago to Boston to Austin. Similarly, Blagg also delineates American architecture, but focuses instead on the decay of once vibrant billboards, roadside strip malls, and now abandoned streets. Both artists ask through their work if the modifications we make to our landscape are for better or worse."


Metallic + Rust

An exhibition featuring works by Taylor Winn and Dony Wynn.

Painters Painting Painters

An exhibition featuring works by Austin-based figure painters: Jennifer Balkan, Chris Chappell, Denise M. Fulton, Felice House, Karen Maness, Revi Meicler, Karen Offutt, Mike Peterson, Johnnie...

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An exhibition of new works by Austin-based abstract artists Joseph Hammer and David Hefner. Hammer’s work is inspired by his personal experiences, while Hefner’s work comes from examination...

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Jan Heaton: The Market

An exhibition of works inspired by fruit, vegetables and farmer’s markets.


An exhibition of new work by Randall Reid & Lisa Beaman. Both artists “work to deconstruct images and materials from historic relics that have a great...

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Field and Fable

An exhibition of works by Sam Yeates and Sandra Langston. The artists take a fantastical approach to landscape and use irony to form narratives within their...

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Terra Chroma

An exhibition of work by Denise M. Fulton and Mark Nesmith that focuses on the rendering of landscapes and how individual style affects the moods landscapes convey.

There's A Summer Place

A summer-long group exhibition featuring a selection of painting, sculpture, photography, mixed media collage, and print works by 21 represented artists as well as a...

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Matthew Fuller: Fat Smoke

An exhibition of photographer Matthew Fuller’s body of work exploring the homegrown culture surrounding Texas barbecue.

Orna Feinstein: Now and Zen

A retrospective of printmaker Orna Feinstein, whose work layers geometric forms and natural patterns to create visual vibrations. Exhibition part of PrintAustin 2015.

Face Value

Portraiture by Leon Alesi, Scott David Gordon, Lesley Nowlin, and Jamie Panzer. Pictured is a detail from Leon Alesi’s “Austin Portrait Photography Series #137 (Tony).”

UT Printmaking: Working Generations

The work of three generations: faculty, graduate students, and alumni will be on display for PrintAustin 2014. Gallery Talk Wednesday January 29, 6-8 pm.

Dianne Grammer

The Davis Gallery presents the posthumous works of Dianne Grammer. A native Texan, Dianne Grammer died in 2011. She created landscapes in pastels and oils...

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Randall Reid: Resurrecting The Past

Reid combines raw and well-worn materials into carefully compartmentalized wall assemblages to show the “…physicality of growth and decay in the process of aging.”

Malou Flato: Edwards County

Micheal Barnes of the Texas Statesman writes, “There are very few Austin artists I admire more than Flato….Flato overlaps pale smudges of color-like layered crepe...

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