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by Glasstire October 21, 2012


Saturday, 4 pm

Lawndale Artist in Residence Domokos Benczedi (right) is asked to lower the volume on his unscheduled art fair performance by fair director Jeffrey Wainhouse. – B.D.

To which Domokos replied: “MAN, WE DON’T TURN IT DOWN FOR ANYBODY!”

Domokos then left the building. – K.K.


Saturday,  1:24 pm

These are the photos from our “Meet the Gator” symposium at the Glasstire Gulf Coast Dive bar, opening night.




Friday, 5:51 pm

Christine West of Lawndale Art Center stopped by the Glasstire Beach Bar, and showed us the correct way to open a coconut with a 2×4.



10/18 10: 47 a.m.

The Texas Contemporary fair opens tonight. We’ll be live blogging throughout the fair. Come see us at our gulf coast dive bar (booth 107), beautifully hand crafted by none other than Bill Davenport! And tonight only, a specially appearance by a LIVE GATOR from the nice folks at Houston’s Largest Reptile Show. (Glasstire staff will not engage in gator wrasslin’, as said gator is no match for us. It is apparently on the small side and works the children’s birthday party circuit. )

Sadly, the friendly pet nutria has been disallowed by the powers that be. No nutria will be present tonight.  But who doesn’t love an aquatic rodent? “Invasive species” is such a prejudicial term…

And don’t forget our Barfly Series with the wonderful Lawndale Art Center from 2 – 4 p.m. throughout the fair. Never fear, it’s not another panel discussion or lecture, just interesting people from inside and outside the Houston art community sitting at the bar and chatting with whomever drops by.  We’ll post a full schedule tomorrow!

Here are some installation shots from yesterday….

Bradley and Bill set up the bar.

Gator, er, crocodile for the bar. The real thing will be at the opening party.

Seth Mittag tries to dodge the camera with DCM Art Services.

Exquisite Corpse Booksellers install!

Patrick Reynolds of Inman Gallery texts.


Art Palace installs!

– K.K.

10/18/12 2:47 p.m.

More fair preview picks. Sorry, not everything is identified yet…

The Glasstire Gulf Coast Dive Bar takes shape!

Rice Gallery’s booth.

Dario Robleto at Inman Gallery

Conduit Gallery.

David Shelton Gallery

Lora Reynolds Gallery

Lora Reynolds Gallery

Fredric Snitzer Gallery

(This may end up being a performance piece, there are a lot of squares left…)

Rachel Hecker’s guys who look like Jesus series at Texas Gallery

James Siena at Daniel Weinberg

Manual at Moody Gallery

I’m interested to see how the Houston tap water settles but “Pyramids of Conscience” seems just a wee bit heavy-handed…

The “Pyramids of Conscience”

– K.K.



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Bryan October 23, 2012 - 16:44

What, no comments yet?

Domokos must be Greek for badass… as in, that dude’s a total domokos!

Look at Judy Nyquist with that baby alligator. I can’t tell who’s cuter.

Christine West is one domokos chick with that 2×4.

You could’ve at least served some nutria! Carving board under a heat lamp…

Paul’s trying to look busy while David moves all of those heavy shelves, teehee.

Patrick’s not texting, he’s ringing up sales!

Didn’t Art Palace win Best of Houston – Cutest Gallery Girl this year?

Bill enjoys a warm nutria sandwich before the throngs arrive.

Ok, that’s all I got.

Toni VanZant November 20, 2012 - 15:20

I was volunteering at the door and didn’t get to see the Fair. Thanks for the excellent coverage. I feel better now that I didn’t miss the whole thing.


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