Tex Hex: new cinema boat on Buffalo Bayou

by Bill Davenport May 19, 2011

The University of Houston’s Mitchell Center must have sailors on its board-first Shrimp Boat Projects, now Tex Hex Cinema, a self-contained movie theater  on board an artist-made pontoon boat in Buffalo Bayou. Built by art-chitects Simparch and the Center for Land Use Interpretation, the self-contained live aboard studio is intended to ply the inland waterways of the land, treating its own wastewater, soaking up solar energy, and spewing out avant-garde cinema. On Saturday, the Tex Hex, (the boat’s name) will show works by Kenneth Anger, Buckminster Fuller, Buster Keaton, Amanda Pope and others, curated by filmmaker Deborah Stratman. May 21, from 8:30-11pm at Culture Map, 1011 Wood Street. FREE!

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