Five-Minute Tours: Cindee Klement and JR Roykovich at Throughline Collective, Houston

by Glasstire May 28, 2024

Note: the following is part of Glasstire’s series of short videos, Five-Minute Tours, for which commercial galleries, museums, nonprofits, and artist-run spaces across the state of Texas send us video walk-throughs of their current exhibitionsLet’s get your show in front of an audience.

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Cindee Klement and JR Roykovich: Potentia // Actualitas at Throughline Collective, Houston. Dates: April 19 – May 18, 2024.

Via Throughline Collective:

Potentia // Actualitas is a collaborative, immersive installation that explores the potential and actualized complexities of natural intelligence through lens-based media, found objects and ready-mades, in a site-specific installation. The lens-based works record iterations of light, space, and water surrounding a central structure created from organic matter, rusted artifacts, glass, and construction materials. Running throughout is a neon line that connects these varying attributes into a systematic relationship. Together, Klement and Roykovich build a world that investigates the balance of opposing dichotomies and subsequent freedom from dualistic constraints. They advocate for a wild and intuitive response to a possible future of unbound potential.

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