University of Texas to Add Large Eamon Ore-Giron Work to its Public Art Collection

by Glasstire March 14, 2023

Los Angeles-based artist Eamon Ore-Giron will produce a new artwork for Landmarks, the University of Texas at Austin’s public art program. The piece, called Tras los ojos (Behind The Eyes), is a 15 1/2-by-13-foot digital print based on a painting Landmarks commissioned from the artist. Beginning in late April, the mural-sized print will be on view within the main lobby of the Sarah M. & Charles E. Seay Building on the University’s main campus in Austin.

An abstract painting by Eamon Ore-Giron featuring cool colors and hard-edged geometric shapes.

Eamon Ore-Giron, “Tras los ojos.” Image courtesy Landmarks.

Mr. Ore-Giron, who was born in Arizona and has an MFA from the University of California at Los Angeles, has developed a reputation for his abstract paintings. The works were described by Landmarks in a press release as references to “indigenous and Latin American craft traditions, as well as 20th-century avant-garde movements such as Russian Suprematism and the Dutch De Stijl movement.”

Landmarks Founding Director and Curator Andreé Bober called Mr. Ore-Giron “one of the most interesting artists working today” and said “the blended cultures represented in both Eamon’s life and art are a fitting reflection of the communities [Landmarks] serve[s].” 

In Mr. Ore-Giron’s words, the piece considers “the scientific and emotional dimensions of our visual perception and how a work of art can function to enhance public space and contribute to an individual’s sense of purpose or belonging.” 

The commission comes on the heels of Mr. Ore-Giron’s solo exhibition down the road at the Contemporary Austin, which opened on March 3 and runs until August 20. To correspond with the debut of Tras los ojos (Behind The Eyes), Landmarks has scheduled a free public conversation between the artist, UT art history professor C. Ondine Chavoy, and Landmarks curatorial contributor Florencia Portocarrero. The talk will be held on April 27 at 6 pm on the Contemporary Austin’s Jones Center Rooftop. 

Throughout April there will also be free public screenings of Subterranean Homesick Cumbia_Remix, a video work created by Mr. Ore-Giron and Julio Cesar Morales under the collaborative name LOS JAICHACKERS. According to the website of French artspace Jeu De Paume, that piece “is the videographic keepsake of the artists’ journey to trace the mythological birth of Cumbia music, the first Latin American hybrid musical form.” It will play, at regular intervals, on a monitor in the lobby of the University’s Art Building, which functions as a video art screening station for Landmarks.

For more information on Mr. Ore-Giron or other public art projects at UT, visit the Landmarks website.

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