Top Five: January 19, 2023

by Glasstire January 19, 2023

Glasstire counts down the top five art events in Texas.

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A large, two-panel abstract work by Yuni Lee.

Artwork by Yuni Lee at Ro2 Art

1. Yuni Lee: Mindscapes
Ro2 (Tin District, Dallas)
January 21 – March 11, 2023

From Ro2 Art:

“Ro2 Art is proud to present Mindscapes, an exhibition of new work by Yuni Lee. The exhibition will open January 21 and remain on view through March 11, 2023, with an opening reception to be held at Ro2 Art’s expansive new gallery in Dallas’ Tin District, located at 2606 Bataan St., Dallas, TX, from 7-10 pm. In her newest solo exhibition Mindscapes, Yuni Lee presents a series of large-scale paintings that explore the dynamic relationship between nature and technology. Her work takes inspiration from organic objects, including leaves, flowers, and branches; and technology, such as circuit boards, microchips, and electronic devices, transforming them through varied stylistic devices into intricate, rhythmic networks. Lee’s multimodal approach to painting, ranging from energetic, gestural brush marks to tightly composed details, captures the complex realities of humanity’s interactions with the environment. Mindscapes creates a space for contemplating these interconnections and envisioning the interdependence we have between the natural and constructed worlds. ”

An organic abstract work made from repeated blue lines.

A work by artist Laura Turón

2. Laura Turón: Immersive Abstractions
University of Texas at El Paso Rubin Center for the Visual Arts
January 19 – March 10, 2023

From the Rubin Center for the Visual Arts:

Immersive Abstractions surveys almost ten years of work by El Paso-based artist Laura Turón, whose organic and geometric abstractions have included immersive installations, community-based collaborations, the deconstruction of drawings, and experiments in mark-making. Abstraction, Turón observes, can be a way of welcoming viewers into a sense of belonging, rather than an exclusive visual vocabulary. The first in the Genius Loci exhibition series supported by a generous Mellon Foundation grant, Immersive Abstractions looks at the ways in which our local context informs artists’ practices.”

A photograph of a printed paper with an image of the board game "Life" and text that details the name of the game, its location, and its value.

3. Eileen Maxson: The Word Is Not Lucky
Galveston Arts Center
November 19, 2022 – February 5, 2023

“Galveston Arts Center (GAC) presents the exhibition The Word Is Not Lucky by Eileen Maxson. Maxson’s exhibition processes the flooding of her parent’s home and the passing of her grandfather through video and photo-based works that sift through the physical ‘stuff’ of memories, remaking them as probing and sometimes humorous portraits of herself and her family. With levity throughout, Maxson confronts herself and her family with the material excess of American life while working to connect the dots between what they had and the forces of nature that took it away.”

An installation by Hedwige Jacobs of various envelopes which have been unfolded, laid flat, and used as an artmaking surface.

Detail of works from Hedwige Jacobs’ “The Inside of Envelopes.”

4. Hedwige Jacobs: The Inside of Envelopes
Art League Houston
December 16, 2022 – February 11, 2023

From Art League Houston:

The Inside of Envelopes is a site-specific installation featuring drawing and animation. Hedwige Jacobs’ work explores how we live and interact as a society, capturing the collective experiences of isolation, inertia, and desperation that are especially prevalent in this contemporary moment marked by the Covid pandemic and struggles for social change occurring globally. So-called security envelopes are printed on their interiors with patterns that make it difficult to discern their contents when sealed, helping to keep items like checks or contracts more secure during their transit in the postal system. For this exhibition, the artist has created an installation of collected envelopes which densely cover the walls of the gallery. Jacobs uses these envelopes as her primary material, modifying each envelope with drawn figures, patterns, and abstract forms. She then brings them together in organic groupings on the gallery walls.

The installation will also feature Jacobs’ animation where she brings individual envelopes to life, each of them hand drawn in multiple frames. The frequency of receiving envelopes by mail is declining, and personal mail is even more rare in this digital era. Jacobs invites viewers to consider the ways in which we communicate, how that has changed over recent years, and how we would like to shape that communication in the future. Since 2020, with the combined effects of the pandemic and movements for social change globally, points of connection between individuals feel increasingly precious and simultaneously harder to maintain. The artist reflects on these ties and ponders how long physical mail will continue to be a part of these exchanges.”

A mixed media collage work by Caroline Walker that features a realistic tree at the top of a large mountain. Cartoon-like ladders extend from the top of the mountain to its base.

Caroline Walker, “Floral Journey”

5. Caroline Walker: Dreamscapes
Dougherty Art Center (Austin)
January 14 – March 11, 2023

From Dougherty Art Center:

“Caroline Walker captures brief scenes from the subconscious and interprets them into sculpture and photo composite pieces, inviting viewers to briefly escape their real-world issues. If only for a few moments, Walker’s work allows the audience to lose themselves in these surreal, peaceful, and whimsical otherworldly scenes.”

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