Art Dirt: Should AI-Generated Art Compete Against Human-Made Art?

by Glasstire September 11, 2022
A digital artwork featuring people in elegantly dressed costumes. The figures are backlit by a circular hole that looks out of the elaborately decorated room.

“Théâtre D’opéra Spatial,”an AI-generated work by Jason Allen. The piece won first place at a Colorado State Fair art competition. Image: Jason Allen

William Sarradet and Jessica Fuentes discuss the implications of an AI-generated painting’s recent art competition win.

“What does it mean to create art using AI? How is writing a phrase for AI software different than text-based artwork?”

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This week’s podcast is sponsored in part by FotoFest and their 2022 Biennial exhibition If I Had a Hammer, which will be on view September 24 through November 6, 2022 in Houston, Texas. The show, which includes photo-documentarians, activists, research-based artists and collectives, filmmakers, performance artists, and artists working in social practice, considers the ways artists utilize images to explore the formation of historical narratives, political ideology, and agency. FotoFest is also presenting the exhibitions African Cosmologies: Redux, an adaptation of its 2020 Biennial, and Ten by Ten, featuring artists whose works are selected by a series of invited nominators as exceptional image-based portfolios presented during the 2020-21 FotoFest International Meeting Place Portfolio Review programs. Learn more here.

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