Texas Artists of Today: andie flores

by William Sarradet August 22, 2022

Editor’s note: The below gif contains a flashing light.

Artists are tasked with questioning the narratives, events, and movements of the present moment. In their ongoing investigations of the world, they offer us a glimpse into the future. When the events of today are challenging and tomorrow seems uncertain, there is always an artist ready to share their viewpoint on what is possible.

In this portrait series, I ask artists working in Texas the question: “As a contemporary artist, how is your practice shaped by current events?”

A monochromatic gif of Andie Flores which features the artist in various poses standing up and with her hands held a the bottom of her chin.

Andie Flores. Illustration by Natalia Padilla

Below, andie flores responds:

I’d be a fool to ignore how my meaning-making and play sits within a larger context of what’s happening in the world outside of my immediate purview. That is what’s so exciting to me about making new things and what sustains a lifelong creative exploration: I have before me the constant challenge of wanting to make original performances and sculptures and videos, etc. that expand what other people consider acceptable for the genres, and thus (I hope!) my work empower those same people to reconsider how the world around them could be different, and how they could creatively and immediately make it so.

About the Artist
andie flores (b. 1990) (she/her) is a performance artist, comedian, and writer who uses embarrassment as a medium for investigating hyper-, almost obsessive, visibility in a racialized body.



William Sarradet is the Assistant Editor for Glasstire.

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