Top Five: April 14, 2022

by Glasstire April 14, 2022

Glasstire counts down the top five art events in Texas.

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A still image from a video work by Roberto Carlos Lange and Kristi Sword. The image shows a person dressed in a silver astronaut costume flying a bird-shaped kite against a bright blue sky.

Chrome Bird, still image from Roberto Carlos Lange and Kristi Sword’s “Kite Symphony.”

1. Kite Symphony: Roberto Carlos Lange & Kristi Sword
Ballroom Marfa
January 22 – May 8, 2022

From Ballroom Marfa:
Kite Symphony, a multidisciplinary exhibition by Roberto Carlos Lange and Kristi Sword, features a newly commissioned film, outdoor composition and installation, a series of drawings, sculpture, animation, and a special Earth Day performance on April 22. Sound is the throughline between these diverse elements of this long-term project. Lange is a musician (widely known as Helado Negro) and Sword is a visual artist, and Kite Symphony is an extension of their collaborative practice where they create work at the intersection of music, performance, and visual art.”

A close-up photograph of an installation by Ronald Llewellyn Jones. The image depicts lines of thread and a clear acrylic sheet suspended by thread.

Ronald Llewellyn Jones, “Black (A-Path-in-Progress),” 2021, acrylic sheets, clear cord, embroidery floss, wood enclosure.

2. Ronald L. Jones: A Way [A Will]
Art League Houston
February 18 – May 14, 2022

From the artist:
“This site specific sculpture presents a physical manifestation of a gilded path. Acrylic sheets hover above Art League Houston’s Sculpture Garden, illuminated by a stand of LED filament.

A Way [A Will] exists as a tangible illustration of an individual’s trajectory through a life cycle. The light force moves through a field of acrylic sheets which are representations of the hidden costs and glass ceilings we encounter in life.

The sculpture invites an audience to witness the hidden parts of an individual’s journey as an experience. Following the path through a system of ricochets, deflections, penetrations and moments of circumnavigation it is possible to see how obstacles inhibit, reinforce or disengage a range of trajectories.”

A photograph of a group of people in a darkened gallery space. The main subject of the image is a person dressed in a whimsical light-up costume which includes a headpiece that resembles a ringed planet, a skirt that resembles a UFO with lights, and puffy silver boots.

Mars Needs More Women event photograph.

3. Mars Needs More Women: Project: MASA-V
Centro Cultural Aztlan (San Antonio)
March 24 – June 10, 2022

From Centro Cultural Aztlan:
Project: MASA is an ongoing exhibit series which gathers Chican@ artists that use outer space and science fiction iconography with past present and future tropes to comment on social-political issues that affect our gente presently and into the future. In addition to the gallery exhibition, author/poets Anel I. Flores and Victoria Garcia-Zapata are scheduled to present poetry and performances in response to the exhibit.

A MASA-porte station will be available during the opening reception. Show up to the MASA-porte Station wearing your cosmic outfit or space suit to apply for a MASA-porte. MASA-portes are passports to space and proof of galactic citizenship. What is a Cosmic Outfit/Space Suit? The articles of clothing are meant to represent the outside skin that people have to develop and wear in order to navigate social and cultural spaces. It’s a metaphor. You must pose for a photograph of the outfit and a passport size photo for the MASA-porte. By doing so, the applicant agrees to release the photo image for a future Project:MASA Series curated photo exhibit and documentation.

Plan ahead and prepare your cosmic outfit or space suit ahead of time. Make it a family activity. Look at what others are planning by visiting the FB page @005MASA.”

An image featuring a grid of graphs. Each graph depicts a white line against a black background. Each graph is unique indicating unique levels of movement.

Sarah Sudhoff, “The Deconstructed Pulse.”

4. Sarah Sudhoff: The Deconstructed Pulse
Ivester Contemporary (Austin)
April 16, 2022

From Ivester Contemporary:
The Deconstructed Pulse, an exhibition of works by Sarah Sudhoff, explores the spectrum of female arousal through animations, images and sound sculptures derived from data collected via the Lioness vibrator, a one-of-a-kind research-oriented medical device that digitally documents changes in female physiology.

Specifically, the Lioness tracks vaginal and anal contractions, through sexual stimulation, beginning with initial changes in the nervous system, then up to and including orgasm. The project intends to demonstrate how emerging scientific methods of data collection and visualization enable one to expose what is invisible – female arousal – and make it explicit and tangible.

These concepts will be explored further in a live performance, scheduled for April 16, in conjunction with the Fusebox Festival. During the performance, 3d-printed devices created by Dr. Nicole Prause, director of the Liberos Center, a biotech company in Los Angeles, will document the artist’s arousal as prompted by engagement with and stimulation by a live audience. The resulting data will be projected, with Dr. Prause offering real-time analysis of the data.”

A designed graphic featuring a butterfly with a "T" pin in the center. Text reads, "I AM Pain. Ink. Art. 04/15/2022."

Bernardo Vallarino, “I AM Pain. Ink. Art.”

5. Bernardo Vallarino: I AM, Pain. Ink. and Art
Fort Works Art (Online)
April 15, 2022

From Fort Works Art:
“Fort Works Art is pleased to announce I AM, Pain. Ink. Art. an online art performance by Fort Worth artist Bernardo Vallarino on Good Friday, April 15, 2022. This performance will be a closed event that will be available for viewing online. The live stream will be available on 3 Facebook Pages: Fort Works Art’s, David Alcantar’s, and Bernardo Vallarino’s art page. I AM is in collaboration with tattoo artist David Alcantar, and features subject matter for Vallerino’s new body of work The Butterfly Case.

I AM will be a monochromatic tattoo of a pair of butterfly wings (swallow tail) separated by a ‘T’ pin, a symbol widely used in Vallarino’s new series The Butterfly Case. The 9 x 12” back tattoo is expected to take approximately 6-8 hours of continuous tattooing by artist David Alcantar during a private event on Good Friday 2022. This date was intentionally chosen to connect the tattoo with the Christian belief of sacrifice and sin absolution observed on that solemn day. By enduring hours of pain, Vallarino is referencing flagellation, a Catholic practice of enduring physical pain or discomfort as means of cleansing sin.”

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