A Peek into the World of Adam Fung

by Jessica Fuentes March 28, 2022

Over the years, Adam Fung has explored the natural world through paintings of icebergs, landscapes, and the cosmos. He may be best known for his hyper realistic style, though at times his works contain geometric designs and abstraction, with some pieces including a combination of the two styles. 

A painting by Adam Fung of undulating ocean waters. The water is saturated with vibrant colors of pink, yellow, orange, green, blue, and purple.

Adam Fung, “our spectrum of light, cast upon the arctic sea,” 2021, oil and graphite
on linen over panel, 24 x 36 inches.

A new body of work by the Fort Worth-based artist recently debuted at Cufflink Art, a gallery located in the city’s Near Southside neighborhood. Stepping into the exhibition is like stepping into a parallel universe of Fung’s design. Familiar elements of past works are present like the undulating waters of the Arctic Ocean, lone icebergs at sea, and celestial bodies hanging in the vibrant sky.

A painting on a circular canvas by Adam Fung. At the center of the canvas is a detailed painting of the moon. It is surrounded by a dark blue sky and dots of distant stars. On top of the sky are five painted rings that seem to emanate from the moon. Each ring is a different color and thickness.

Adam Fung, “a moon wobble,” 2022, oil and wax on linen over custom panel,  46” tondo.

Some unexpected imagery includes fire-red skies, trees hanging from cliffs with their roots exposed, and cloaked figures appearing in a landscape and staring eerily at the viewer, looking as if they’re wearing a childhood DIY ghost costume. An investigation of both the effects of our changing climate and digital realms’ focus on oversaturation and intensification of imagery, this new body of work is at once captivating and haunting.

An installation view of two works of art hanging on a gray wall. The paintings are by Adam Fung. The one on the left is of a cloaked figure standing in front of a bushes and trees. Behind the trees looms a vibrant red sky. On the left is a smaller painting of outer space with a deep purple sky and what appears to be a meteor traveling across the sky.

Installation image of “Adam Fung: possible magic.”

Adam Fung: possible magic is on view from March 26 – May 21, 2022 at Cufflink Art.

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