The City of San Antonio Unveils a Large-Scale Sculpture by Pedro Reyes in the River Walk Public Art Garden

by Jessica Fuentes March 12, 2022

The City of San Antonio’s Department of Arts & Culture has unveiled a large public artwork by Pedro Reyes, a Mexican artist who often explores social issues in his sculptures and project-based works.

A photograph of artist Pedro Reyes standing on scaffolding next to his large-scale sculpture, titled "Stargazer (Citlali)."

Pedro Reyes working on, “Stargazer (Citlali).” Image © Pedro Reyes, photography: Ramiro Chaves

The sixteen-foot tall sculpture, Stargazer (Citlali), depicts a stylized woman who is seated and holding a small silver star. The City hopes that the sculpture, which is made using over 80 pieces of Mexican volcanic stone, will be an iconic piece at the River Walk Public Art Garden. Part of the work’s title is rooted in the indigenous language of the artist’s hometown of Mexico City — “Citlali” means “star.”

A photograph of Pedro Reyes' "Stargazer (Citlali)." The 16-foot tall sculpture sits on a 5-foot tall base overlooking the River Walk in San Antonio.

Pedro Reyes, “Stargazer (Citlali),” 2022, volcanic rock. Located at the San Antonio River Walk Public Art Garden.

In a press release announcing the acquisition, Mr. Reyes stated his intention behind the piece, saying, “I wanted to offer a work that transcends the relatively recent borders and boundaries we know today to offer an ageless perspective in celebration of San Antonio’s more than three hundred years of distinctive history and culture. The star could be a star like the ones that shine over San Antonio each night — the same ones that have been contemplated by all peoples throughout the region’s human history, the same ones that inspire awe and wonder as they help us glimpse our place in relation to the universe and to time.”

A map of the San Antonio River Walk Public Art Garden. The map identifies locations of sculptures along the River Walk and situated between South Alamo, Bowie, East Commerce, and East Market Streets.

San Antonio’s River Walk Public Art Garden map.

Launched in 2019, the River Walk Public Art Garden, has been a multi-year project and is slated to be completed by the end of this year. Located in the stretch of space confined by Alamo, Bowie Commerce, and Market Streets, the space includes sculptures, wall-mounted installations, and informational displays, and features the following works:
Green Spaces at Market Street by San Antonio Artists Ashley Mireles and Cade Bradshaw
–  Najo Jām (Our Home) by San Antonio Artists Carlos Cortés and Doroteo Garza
Bloom by San Antonio Artist Leticia Huerta
Spheres of Reflection by San Antonio Artist Kaldric Dow
– Sculptures from the exhibit Sebastián in San Antonio: 50+Years 20+ Locations 100+ Works

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