Don’t Miss the Submission Deadline for the 35th Annual Houston Art Car Parade

by Jessica Fuentes January 28, 2022

The 35th Annual Houston Art Car Parade, hosted by The Orange Show Center for Visionary Art, has multiple events scheduled for the weekend of April 7-10, 2022. The deadline for artists, school/youth groups, and nonprofit organizations to submit an entry form for the festivities is February 15, 2022. Corporate entities should email The Orange Show to inquire about entering a vehicle. 

A submitted entry form does not guarantee participation in the events — entries will be reviewed by The Houston Art Car Parade Committee and participants will be contacted by March 1, 2022. 

Entry categories are described by the organization as:

A sculpture of a brightly painted triceratops made to completely cover a vehicle. The car is participating in a parade and people are standing at the top of the dinosaur.

Houston Art Car Parade Augmented Vehicle, Image: The Orange Show

Augmented Vehicle
A four-or-more wheeled Art Car that has been constructed or modified, and sits on a standard automobile chassis

A brightly painted car participates in the Houston Car Art Parade. The four-door car is painted bright pink and turquoise and filled with Day of the Dead candy skull, calaveras, and marigold imagery.

Houston Art Car Parade Painted Car, Image: The Orange Show

Painted Car
An Art Car whose primary modification is having been painted or air-brushed

A man stands atop a large metal wheel as it rolls down the street in the Houston Car Art Parade.

Houston Art Car Parade Contraption, Image: The Orange Show

An Art Car whose chassis is not a standard automobile. Includes chariots, wheeled sculptures, wagons, lawnmowers, etc.

A candy red painted lowrider with gold pin striping participates in the Houston Art Car Parade. It's back end is lifted in the air using ha hydraulic system.

Houston Art Car Parade Lowrider, Image: The Orange Show

A customized classic car with a lowered body, hydraulics, and a cherry paint job

A glossy red convertible with elbow wheels, known as swangas, participates in the Houston Art Car Parade.

Houston Art Car Parade SLAB, Image: The Orange Show

A Houston tradition – easily recognized by their candy paint, lush interiors, booming sound systems, and must-have Texan Wire Wheels ’83s or ’84s Elbows known as Swangas

Characterized by a performing ensemble on a decorated vehicle

An Art Car or group of Art Cars that displays a unique performance element, not necessarily musical

A decorated group or individual rolling the parade on skates

A decorated group or individual rolling the parade on bikes

School / Youth Group
An Art Car entry that is designed and constructed by four or more students under the age of 18

Political Statement
An Art Car or group of Art Cars that displays political overtones

Non-Profit Organization
An Art Car or group of Art Cars that are designed and constructed by or for a non-profit organization in an effort to bring awareness to a specific cause (must provide valid 501(c)3 certificate)

Please note there is a $40 entry fee for artists and school/youth groups. The fee for nonprofits varies based on the organization’s annual budget.

For more information and to submit your entry form, click here

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