Contemporary Arts Museum Houston Announces New Partnership for Artists-in-Residence Program

by Jessica Fuentes January 4, 2022
An exterior photograph of the Montrose Collective building.

Montrose Collective. Image: Contemporary Art Museum Houston

In the fall of 2020, the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston (CAMH) launched CAMHLAB, an artist-in-residence initiative that provides short-term residencies and long-term collaborations to support artists’ production of new work. While it was originally a response to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on artists in Houston, the program is now finding new ways to evolve and meet the ongoing needs of artists. 

Through a new partnership with Radom Capital, a real estate development and investment firm, CAMHLAB has expanded its artist-in-residence program beyond the museum and into Montrose Collective — a mixed-use development boasting over 150,000 square feet of office and retail space in a walkable complex. The culturally rich and diverse Montrose neighborhood is home to restaurants, bars, music venues and art spaces like the Rothko Chapel, The Menil Collection, and Houston Center for Photography. Partnering with Montrose Collective creates an opportunity for CAMHLAB to center its artists in this unique and vibrant neighborhood. 

This type of artistic collaboration is not new for Radom Capital. In 2017, the firm opened Heights Mercantile in Houston’s Heights neighborhood, and just a year later partnered with the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston to open a satellite space, MFA Contemporary @ Heights Mercantile. For the firm’s new endeavor, Montrose Collective is providing CAMHLAB artists with a 1,452 square foot space they can use as either a studio or gallery. The space is family-friendly and free to the public. Additionally, artists will receive an honorarium, opportunities to host programming, support for communications and marketing, and additional support as needed from CAMH.

Steve Radom, managing principal of Radom Capital, shared in a statement, “We created Montrose Collective as an expressive addition to Montrose, Houston’s most culture-rich, inclusive, and soulful neighborhood. Walking though Montrose inspires curiosity, wonder, and discovery. In the spirit of our neighborhood, we are honored to announce our curatorial and programming partnership with CAMH at the newly created CAMHLAB within Montrose Collective. CAMHLAB x MC is a light-filled gallery providing neighbors and visitors with access to an exciting and eclectic lineup of local artists curated by CAMH.”

On the left, a detail of pink iridescent fabric and white tulle. On the right, a photograph of artist Eepi Chaad. She wears a black and white striped top and looks directly into the camera.

Eepi Chaad and detail of fabrics. Image: Contemporary Art Museum Houston

The four artists and art collectives selected for the inaugural iteration of CAMHLAB at Montrose Collective are Eepi Chaad, Two Star Symphony, Frame Dance, and Dana Caldera. Ms. Chaad’s project, Soft Space, launched December 15, 2021 and will be on view until January 30, 2022. Her installation celebrates soft surfaces typically associated with homes, like scarfs, afghans, and security blankets, and invites visitors to learn about surface design, take part in the making process, and engage with the transformed space. See below for the dates of the three other collectives’ and artists’ projects at CAMHLAB.

Learn more about the upcoming projects at

A photograph of the seven members of Two Star Symphony dressed in black and seated on a staircase.

Two Star Symphony
Image: Contemporary Art Museum Houston

Two Star Symphony: in-residence from February 2 – March 27, 2022


A photograph of a woman standing outside with trees behind her. The woman is sill with one hand raised above her head and the other held across her waist. A blurred image of the same woman is layered behind her.

Frame Dance
Image: Contemporary Art Museum Houston

Frame Dance: in-residence from March 30 – May 25, 2022


On the left, a detail image of a mixed media work of art using collaged paper with text, and layers of black, white, blue, and yellow paint. On the right, an image of artist Dana Caldera kneeling on the floor painting with ink on paper.

Dana Caldera and detail of mixed media artwork. Image: Contemporary Art Museum Houston

Dana Caldera: in-residence from June 1 – 30, 2022

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