Art League Houston’s “Insta11ations” Continued: Lina Dib

by Glasstire June 14, 2021

Lina Dib working on location. Image via ALH.

Note: this is the third installment in an ongoing series. See the introductory installment, in which artists Israel McCloud and Mich S describe their projects, here. See the second installment, featuring Antonius-Tín Bui and Marsha Dorsey-Outlaw, here

Art League Houston (ALH), in partnership with the City of Houston Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs, is pleased to announce Insta11ations, 11 distinct art experiences created in each of Houston’s 11 city council districts. Insta11ations is made up of artists who are experimenting with the ways people interact with public art, who reimagine public spaces, and who express stories of social justice and equity in their work. Artists were asked to respond to the specific needs and identities of communities that neighbor the proposed sites, and to create experiences that could engage and empower community members, and unearth, reinterpret and/or platform local histories.

Each artist will be provided with the technical support and education necessary to execute their site-specific experience from concept through fabrication and installation. Insta11ations is a project of the City of Houston Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs and Art League Houston, with funding made available through Houston Arts Alliance. Experiences will open Spring 2020 and be on view through Fall 2021.

Houston artist Lina Dib describes her project. Text below video via ALH.

“I hope my works starts to make our ideals of nature a little more complex, and maybe realistic.”


Via ALH:

“Artist Lina Dib’s, Sounds of Tomorrow – The Oracle Tree, is a beautiful and majestic pine tree located in a prominent spot within phase one of Houston’s Exploration Green Conservancy. Currently on view, around the tree are benches that offer park goers somewhere to sit and enjoy the brilliant surroundings of the island in the center of the lake. Though Exploration Green Conservancy is relatively new, it is already home to hundreds of birds including ducks, egrets and more.

“As viewers stop to enjoy this stunning vantage point, they may notice that this pine tree is no ordinary tree. Two small speakers mounted in the tree play sounds relating to tomorrow’s weather. The soundtracks, recorded by Dib, feature various textures and open-air recordings from the park, as well as collected sounds of insects, birds and other species. Park visitors can sit on Dib’s benches and listen to Sounds of Tomorrow – The Oracle Tree to hear tomorrow’s forecast and learn about current inhabitants of the conservancy through her installation.

“Dib’s installation highlights the multi-faceted possibilities of public art and is revolutionary in its multi-sensory capacity, engaging audiences and inviting them to experience the sights and sounds of the Exploration Green Conservancy in a new and exciting way.”

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