Five-Minute Tours: Pablo Bobbio at Institute of Hispanic Culture of Houston

by Glasstire April 14, 2021

Note: the following is part of Glasstire’s series of short videos, Five-Minute Tours, for which commercial galleries, museums, nonprofits and artist-run spaces across the state of Texas send us video walk-throughs of their current exhibitions. This will continue while the coronavirus situation hinders public access to exhibitions. Let’s get your show in front of an audience.

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Pablo Bobbio: Efimerus at Institute of Hispanic Culture of Houston (IHCH). Dates: March 13 – May 2, 2021.


“The Institute of Hispanic Culture of Houston invites you to Efimerus by Pablo Bobbio. An experiment on the eternity of the instant In his artistic experiment, Pablo Bobbio shows us what we would prefer to look away from. Life is a succession of ephemeral stages, and organic decomposition generates new forms of existence, some visible, others microscopic. It is amazing to be able to perceive that the atrociousness of putrefaction can contain a singular beauty, a spectrum of textures, colors, luminescences and opacities that show us that even the most horrifying natural phenomena can captivate us with an attraction that defies common sense. But above all, the images that Pablo Bobbio offers us are the visual expression of the memento mori, the ‘remember that you are mortal’ that the slave whispered in Caesar’s ear when, joyful, he returned victorious to Rome. Capturing the different instants of bios, the arc of life, to the extreme of the return to the inanimate, is the experiment to which the artist summons us. Photographs and objects trapped in the transparent eternity of resin look at us. They look at us from their agonizing muteness to remind us of what awaits us.”


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