Top Five: April 8, 2021

by Glasstire April 8, 2021

Brandon Zech and William Sarradet on a spate of new exhibitions opening this weekend, including the Austin debut of a DFW artist.

“I think her work is going to jive really well with the Austin art community.”

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Plurality of Isolations at Ruiz Healy Art in San Antonio February 17 2021

2. Plurality of Isolations
February 17 – May 22
Ruiz-Healy Art (San Antonio)

From Ruiz- Healy Art:

“Ruiz-Healy Art is delighted to present Plurality of Isolations at our San Antonio gallery featuring works by RF Alvarez, Jesse Amado, Jennifer Ling Datchuk, Jenelle Esparza, Barbara Miñarro, Cecilia Paredes, Ethel Shipton, and Carlos Rosales-Silva.

Plurality of Isolations touches on the experiences shared by many during the COVID-19 pandemic, political distress, and fragile economic environment. The exhibition is an assemblage of the meditations of these artists who share common themes—separation, upheaval, unrest, and hope for better days to come.”


Xxavier Edward Carter- Anh Yēu Em at Ex Ovo in Dallas April 11 2021

2. Xxavier Edward Carter: Anh Yēu
April 11 – May 11
ex ovo (Dallas)

From ex ovo:

“ex ovo is pleased to present Anh Yēu Em, a large-scale installation by the artist Xxavier Edward Carter opening Saturday, April 11, 2021 with an extended reception from 12-6 pm. Two new performances by the artist will accompany the exhibition. The Failings of Man premieres on Monday, April 19 at 7 pm. Carter will perform Heaven is Going to Burn Your Eyes on Sunday, April 22 from 12-5 pm.

“Anh Yēu Em translates to ‘I love you,’ said from the masculine perspective in the Vietnamese language. The works of Anh Yēu Em meditate on life, death, love, worship, and the elemental body’s movement between the corporeal to the spiritual through our body’s ecological realities and projections toward an unknowable future. Anh Yēu Em presents space, vessel, image, and the human body in presence and absence, as an installation for exploring reality and our place in the world. A mural scale drawing on paper, ceramic totems, performance, and sculpture create the installation. Anh Yēu Em is man’s interior world processed through what is seen, what is lost, and what is to come in the ever-changing world.”


Rachel Livedalen- it's kinda like that at Ivester Contemporary in Austin April 10 2021

3. Rachel Livedalen: it’s kinda like that
April 10 – May 15
Ivester Contemporary (Austin)

From Ivester:

“Ivester Contemporary is excited to announce a solo exhibition featuring new work by Fort Worth-based artist Rachel Livedalen. it’s kinda like that, weaves the joy, color, and design of ’90s Girl Power with images and text pulled directly from Art History textbooks. Livedalen playfully challenges the hierarchy of the Arts by translating techniques associated with femininity and craft into the traditionally respected medium of paint on canvas. Scattered compositions of cutouts, stickers, and bright colorful shapes derived from makeup palettes and watercolor sets obscure black and white reproductions of Greco-Roman busts and descriptive lines of text. Her free-spirited approach to art making, paired with the exhibition’s title, declares that all media and any subject matter can convey valuable ideas.”


Virginia Jaramillo- The Curvilinear Paintings, 1969–1974 at the Menil Collection in Houston September 26 2020

4. “Virginia Jaramillo: The Curvilinear Paintings, 1969-1974
September 26 – July 4, 2021
The Menil Collection (Houston)

From the Menil:

“Virginia Jaramillo: The Curvilinear Paintings, 1969-1974, is the artist’s first solo museum exhibition. This focused exhibition presents eight abstract paintings by Virginia Jaramillo (b. 1939, El Paso), in which thin, undulating lines dance across monochrome fields of bright, flat color.

“The Menil’s exhibition marks the fiftieth anniversary of The De Luxe Show, one of the first racially integrated exhibitions of contemporary art held in the United States, organized by the Menil Foundation and curated by New York artist Peter Bradley in 1971. Jaramillo, the only woman and Latina included, exhibited the painting Green Dawn, 1970, which will be on view for this special presentation.”


Liss LaFleur- Don’t Worry Baby at Galleri Urbane Dallas April 10 2021

5. Liss LaFleur: Don’t Worry Baby
April 10 – May 15, 2021
Galleri Urbane ( Dallas)

From the gallery:

“Galleri Urbane is honored to present Don’t Worry Baby by Liss LaFleur, the Denton-based artist’s second solo exhibition with the gallery. The show features the third and latest installment of LaFleur’s Sapphic Serenade body of work, an ongoing series of bi-annually produced site-specific installations that combines video, performance and synthetic fringe. Together with the first work in a new photographic series, the installation explores queer subjectivity, histories and visibility.

“Anchoring the exhibition is the Sapphic Serenade’s latest work Don’t Worry Baby (2020), first exhibited in the exhibition Slowed and Throwed at Contemporary Arts Museum Houston.”

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