SexyATTACK & RIP Disco Kroger

by Glasstire January 13, 2021

If you live in Houston, you’ve probably heard of the various nicknames given to the city’s inner-loop Krogers. Perhaps the most well-known and talked about of these monikers was Disco Kroger — AKA the grocery store near the intersection of Westheimer and Montrose. This Kroger was named for its crowds, which oftentimes flooded into the (then-) 24-hour store after bars closed; for it’s soundtrack; and for its location in the heart of Houston’s longtime LGBTQ+ community. (There is also, coincidentally, a Disco Kroger in Atlanta.)

Earlier this month, Disco Kroger shut its doors for the last time. Though the store had been open for 42 years, and was just recently remodeled, it was no longer a profitable location. The announcement was made in November, and, as expected, op-eds about the store came rolling in. A few of those are below.

What we at Glasstire immediately thought of upon hearing about the closing was SexyATTACK’s 2008 dance/performance inside the store. That’s also below.

Though Disco Kroger may be gone, it will never be forgotten.

Houston Chronicle: Montrose’s iconic ‘Disco Kroger’ will close in January

Houstonia: So Long, Disco Kroger, You Charmingly Unpretty Sightz

Houston Press: Farewell, Disco Kroger

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Seth Mittag January 13, 2021 - 20:40

This is heart breaking! My oldest daughter use to roller skate at disco Kroger while I shopped for dinner.


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